Loving You

A poem about loving someone with an incredible amount of loveliness

There are some people who you come across that really open up your eyes to a whole new world. Sometimes when you think back about the ways you love them and why you love them you realize that you are so fortunate to have come across someone as lovely as them. It is an honor to love someone like them. They expose you to a whole other level of elegance and it makes your heart rich in experience.

Glancing upon your picture

I began to recount

all the ways I love you

and the reasons why I love you


My soul did a little dance

and it occurred to me,

what an honor it is to love you,

a love that makes my heart rich with experience.


What an honor it is

to love a heart as kind as yours

to love a soul as beautiful as yours

to love a smile as radiant as yours


What an honor it is

to walk the earth you walked

to admire the sun you once looked at

to gaze at the stars you once gazed at


I consider myself lucky

not because you’re mine

but because my heart

loves someone as wonderful as you


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Written by Samantha Merzel

Samantha Merzel is an aspiring journalist who loves flowers, coffee, peace, and Corey Haim. She is greatly inspired by Corey Haim's quote "Let's work it out together and live in peace forever", she hopes her writing will begin a spark of working it out together so that the world can live in peace and love.