August 27, 20171 min read

The inspiration for this poem is from all the injustice and division we have in our nation. We are one nation living among other nations in the same world. I feel that world peace is something unfathomable when we cannot ever find peace within our own nation first. We have the potential to bring each other together. We have the potential to put away our differences. We have the potential to be more. This is just my poem. My call. My plead for unity among us.


we are steadfastly

set upon disunity.


we are one nation,


until it is a matter

of the color of our skin,

the people we love,

or the rights we fight for.


a testament to disunity

is born through us.


we are different pieces

to different puzzles,

set upon fitting into

all the wrong slots.


we are anything

but one nation,



we insist on change

only where we,


see fit.


but what we often forget

is that we are

a phoenix.

and my brothers and sisters,

it’s time to rise up

from the ashes.


in unity.

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