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10 New Christmas Bops to Warm Up Your Winter

December 16, 20196 min read

One thing I particularly love about the holiday season is the way it anticipates new releases by some of the best musicians of our generation. No matter where you live and celebrate the winter holidays, a well-curated playlist is mandatory in order to feel the spirit! Here are 10 of the best new Christmas songs that will be perfect for counting down the days to misty-eyed occasions and merry gatherings:

1. Katy Perry: “Cozy Little Christmas”

Katy Perry recently released her very first holiday music video for an original tune she cowrote and coproduced with Greg Wells and Ferras Alqaisi called “Cozy Little Christmas”. In the clip directed by the duo WATTS, Perry is seen chilling with Santa Claus and a jolly little group of stop-motion cartoon characters in a snug home, while singing about everything that makes up for a great Christmas — and that includes a massage, a little whiskey, and slow dancing to Nat King Cole.

2. Taylor Swift: “Christmas Tree Farm”

The charm behind “Christmas Tree Farm” is that it is a sweet, nostalgic (but not sappy) song that was written out of real memories. Taylor Swift wrote and recorded the song in six days before releasing it during this year’s Thanksgiving weekend, along with a music video she directed and produced that feature home videos of her own childhood in Pine Ridge Farm, Pennsylvania.

3. Alessia Cara: “Make It To Christmas”

Alessia Cara sings bittersweetly about hoping her relationship can “Make It To Christmas” in this new upbeat Christmas single that hopes to help you keep your head up during the holidays.

4. Jonas Brothers: “Like It’s Christmas”

The Jonas Brothers, who have only recently reunited earlier this year, are here to deliver the obligatory yearly festive Christmas bop that will have everyone tap their foot to: give a listen to”Like It’s Christmas”, a tune written by Freddy Wexler about being in an endearing relationship that makes everyday feel like the holiday. The song was the first holiday track to reach No. 1 on Billboard‘s Adult Contemporary Chart.

5. Kacey Musgraves ft. Troye Sivan: “Glittery”

Let Kacey Musgraves and Troye Sivan serenade you this winter with their newly released ballad “Glittery” which is also performed on Musgraves’ holiday show The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show. Musgraves describes it best: “It almost doesn’t sound like a Christmas song. It could also not be a Christmas song. It’s got an easy-breezy, Marvin Gaye kind of thing to it which I really love.”

6. Little Mix: “One I’ve Been Missing”

Girl-group Little Mix is back with “One I’ve Been Missing”, an air about missing someone far away from you during the winter holidays. The girls’ powerful voices are sure to make your heart burst with sentimental Christmas spirit.

7. Keith Urban: “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight”

While we haven’t heard much from Keith Urban recently, his newly released ditty “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight” is definitely worth a listen. The singer’s delightful voice is accompanied by the song’s swingy and bluesy composition — perfect for all the older souls out there.

8. Idina Menzel ft. Ariana Grande: “A Hand For Mrs. Claus”

Accomplished Broadway singers Idina Menzel and Ariana Grande have come together this season for their new song “A Hand for Mrs. Claus”, in which they acknowledge all the respect that Santa Claus’s hardworking wife deserves to have. Bonus points for the jolly saxophone solo!

9. Lukas Graham: “HERE (For Christmas)”

The holiday season is often a sentimental time for many who miss their loved ones.”HERE (For Christmas)” was written in memory of singer Lukas Forchhammer’s father and best friend, and is an important reminder for us to stay grateful for our friends and family.

10. Lea Michelle: “Christmas in New York”

In a musical Christmassy love-letter to New York, Lea Michelle takes us with her through the Big Apple on the holiday season with her enchanting voice and the song’s orchestral atmosphere.

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