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10 TV Couples Who Definitely Should Have Ended Up Together

December 23, 201817 min read

She loves me, she loves me not.  He loves me, he loves me not.  We love them, the writers love them not!

They may not have lasted on television, but they will always last in our hearts! Let’s rewind and freeze to ten of our most favourite small screen couples (in no particular order) that should have made it but never did!


Jackie and Hyde – That 70’s Show

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What happened to Jackie and Hyde, and That 70s Show in general, is a true injustice.  For seasons, we watched the slow build-up to one of the cutest TV relationships ever, and then in the final season, they killed it. Jackie and Hyde were certainly unconventional, with Jackie being bratty and high-maintenance and Hyde being as chill and low-key as they come (probably because he was high most of the time, but oh well), but that’s what made them work so well together.

Jackie pushed Hyde to go after what he wanted, and Hyde helped Jackie to appreciate the little things. Although their love was understated and often rocky, it was simple and real. When the final season rolled around, the show’s new director decided Jackie should end up with Fez and not Hyde. It was random, and quite honestly, made no sense at all. And you know what, we’re NOT alright!

Chase and Mia – One Tree Hill

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One word to describe this couple: easy. Chase and Mia had such a natural way about them that they made having relationship look like a cake walk.  Being with someone is never totally simple, but these two were the exception. With Mia as a down-to-earth musician and Chase as an easy-going bartender (my apologies, bar manager), it didn’t take much for their worlds to collide. They continuously encouraged each other to shoot for the stars and be the best versions of themselves.

For some reason, at the end of season 7, Mia felt it was unfair to stay with Chase because she started touring and being on the road so much. So, instead of just asking Chase how he felt how the whole situation (he was all good with it, btw), she broke up with him, OVER TEXT MESSAGE, which was completely out of character. For pretty much the rest of the show, Mia constantly fought another woman for Chase’s love and attention, and Chase became a total jerk, leading both girls on.

Shawn and Angela – Boy Meets World 

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Their storyline actually depresses me. These were two people who not only shared a deep connection but also genuinely respected each other as people.  Even though Angela didn’t always understand what Shawn was going through, it never stopped her from supporting him. And Shawn, as the aloof ladies’ man of the show, never really understood what love meant until he met Angela. They helped each other to grow and see the world differently.  To top it all off, they were both fun and carefree people! Although they were on-and-off quite a bit throughout the series, for fans, there was never a question that they belonged together.

So when Angela left for Europe and was forced to end things with Shawn, for good, it was not only surprising but also devastating. To make it even worse, in the more recent spin-off, Girl Meets World,  Shawn and Angela reunited years later, AND STILL DIDN’T GET BACK TOGETHER. Instead, Angela basically came back to tell Shawn it was never going to happen and to move on with his life. So, Shawn married someone else, and that was that. I’m pretty sure a little piece of every Boy Meets World fan died that day, so thank you, Disney.

Klaus and Caroline – The Vampire Diaries/The Originals  

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This couple is so notorious for their almost-romance that they hung in through not one, but TWO different shows! Always teetering between kindness and hostility, Klaus and Caroline somehow formed a very honest and sincere friendship. No matter where they were, what they were doing or who they were with, they always found a way to slip into each other’s lives. Their sparks were undeniable, and they understood one another in ways no one else did. Maybe most importantly, Caroline saw the good in Klaus, and Klaus recognized the dark side to Caroline.

No matter how hard the writers tried to deviate, these characters practically demanded they end up together. And well… it didn’t exactly turn out that way. In the final season of The Originals, Caroline and Klaus finally reunited after many years apart and it seemed as though the fans might have actually gotten the endgame they always dreamed of. But alas, Klaus chose to give up his life for his daughter’s, killing any chance of him and Caroline being together for real. However, they both made their true love for each other known, once and for all and shared one last kiss. So… I mean… they didn’t end up together but they were definitely gipped after a million seasons of build-up. I’m going to try not to be bitter about it.

Miley and Jake – Hannah Montana

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It was a classic case of superstar boy-meets-regular girl (kinda? It’s too complicated to get into), and yet Disney once again managed to screw up another good relationship. Jake and Miley went through a lot of up and downs during the series but ultimately always found their way back to one another. They both understood what it meant to live life in the limelight at such a young age, which is something that continued to connect them even when they weren’t together. But what’s so sweet about their relationship is that despite their fame, Miley and Jake fell for each other in a regular high school, just being themselves.

Miley sometimes doubted Jake’s integrity throughout the show, but in the final season when the writers had Jake CHEAT on her… it went too far. In the homestretch and then BAM, say goodbye to the adorable puppy love you cherished for four seasons. Even if they weren’t going to last, it didn’t have to be for that reason. Again, thank you, Disney.

 Riggins and Lyla – Friday Night Lights

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I suppose some would say this pairing was doomed from the start, but I care to disagree.  Although it’s pretty awful that they first came together by cheating on her boyfriend and his best friend, Lyla and Riggins were somewhat of star-crossed lovers. With Riggins being the town bad boy and Lyla, the golden girl, it seemed these two were always fated to find one another in little Dillon, Texas.  They constantly bickered and challenged each other, but ultimately kept the each other grounded. Coming from two broken households, they turned to one another for strength and reassurance. 

The biggest problem with this couple was their separate ambitions.  When Lyla left for college, and Riggins stayed behind, they broke up but always remained close friends and sometimes even friends with benefits.  It’s insinuated in the series finale that Riggins ended up with his other ex-girlfriend, Tyra, but I always held out for him and Lyla finding their way back.  As much as I don’t like it, I’ll admit that their ending at least made some sense and it could have turned out a lot worse.

Andy and Erin – The Office

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I still don’t know exactly why this relationship fell apart. With their unique humor and quirky personalities, Andy and Erin were practically made for each other. Most importantly, they both knew what it meant to be an outsider who doesn’t know his/her place in the world. When they found each other, they finally felt a sense of belonging. 

So, when Erin broke up with Andy for Pete, after seasons of her and Andy pining after one another, it was weird and confusing. I know that Andy kind of took a turn for the worse, and they definitely had some issues they needed to work out, but nothing couldn’t be resolved.  To make it all worse, Andy was never really able to get it his life back on track after losing Erin and his manager position. Nevertheless, they rocked while they lasted.

Zuko and Katara – Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Ugh, this is a difficult one. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Aang as much as the next ATLA fan and fully recognize the depth and the beauty of his and Katara’s relationship. They’re great but I cannot and will not deny the electricity between her and Zuko (pun intended). 

I mean, come on, they’re the literal manifestations of fire and water! George R.R. Martin created an entire world around this particular chemistry! Why? Because it’s fascinating and complex! Although they are technically polar opposites, I would argue that they share the most similarities, out of everyone in Team Avatar.  They are both resilient, sensitive and courageous, but it is definitely their fierce passion and intensity that sets them apart. They were very hot and cold with each other at the start (pun intended) but ultimately formed a very solid relationship.

Whether it be fighting against each other, fighting alongside each other or fighting for each other,  Zuko and Katara have done it all. There were subtle innuendos about these two coupling up throughout the series and even toward the end. In fact, the creators originally planned for Katara and Zuko to end up together but changed their minds right before the final season. Instead, we’re left with an epic fighting duo and a forever friendship, so I’m definitely cool with that.

Tony and Ziva – NCIS

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Tony Dinozzo and Ziva David were soulmates. Period. Their initially tumultuous relationship slowly broke down season by season, forming not only into an amazing partnership but also an unbreakable bond. Tony and Ziva met their match when their worlds intertwined, both of them being skilled flirts and even more seriously skilled agents. But underneath all their playful banter, their love ran deep. They became each other’s confidant and best friend. Tony and Ziva would have done anything for each other and basically did, many times throughout the show. 

Unfortunately, in season 11, Ziva left NCIS for good, returning to her home country of Israel.  She and Tony shared a final kiss and admitted their true feelings for one another. That was the end of Tiva, until Michael Weatherly (Tony), decided to exit the show after 13 seasons. After years with no closure, Tony was given the news that Ziva had been killed in a fire but left behind a child he never knew they had together. Tony went on to leave NCIS for her safety, and raise him and Ziva’s child. Their story still breaks my heart, so RIP Ziva and RIP Tiva, you deserved so much better.

Danny and Vicky – Full House 

I will never be able to explain exactly why these two broke up because it makes no sense to me. Yes, Vicky got a job opportunity away from San Francisco and yes, Danny’s job kept him in San Francisco, but never should have been a storyline! After years of being a single father and dating a few people, it was so great to see Danny finally find someone who was in for the long haul. They just really clicked and made each other happy.

It seemed that this couple was out of the question since Full House ended and we found out on the new spinoff, Fuller House, that Danny had remarried and it wasn’t to Vicky. But, as quickly as he married, he got divorced, which left room for a surprise appearance from Vicky in the last season! With that being said, It seems these two are the only ones on this list who may actually have a shot now, so I’m basically placing all my hopes and dreams into them. Fingers crossed.

Okay, now let’s go watch some re-runs!

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