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15 Beauty Gurus of Color Embracing Individuality

July 13, 20176 min read

We live in a time where social media is at it’s prime. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that beauty lovers like me turn to social media for inspiration and guidance. Flashback to about 10 years ago, this wasn’t the case. For a big part of my teenage years I struggled to find comfort within my own skin, and was even harder to find beauty gurus who I could relate to on YouTube. Although this isn’t the case anymore, its possible that a few of you still feel this way today. Therefore, it’s time to shine a light on POC beauty lovers that teach us individuality is beautiful.


With just above 3k subscribers on YouTube, it’s safe to say IvyKungu is the most slept on MUA in the game. Her insanely creative eyeshadow looks make you want to add some color to yours. Peep her Instagram and you’ll see what i’m talking about.


Jocelyn’s edgy makeup looks have gotten her noticed from different companies on Instagram. Breaking down each product she uses and giving step by step in depth tutorials on her YouTube is one of the many reasons this MUA is gaining popularity by the minute. She teaches us how to make a simple look turn glam.


A self-proclaimed “potty mouth” with a passion for makeup. Kenneth’s channel is not only dedicated to beauty and fashion, he wins people over with his hilarious story-times that reel you in. His personality shines through his videos.


If you’re a beauty lover like me, chances are you’ve come across at least one of ItsMyRayeRaye’s YouTube videos. Perhaps it was the one where she teaches us how to apply false lashes and make them look flawless, or maybe it was the one where she teaches us how to slay with dollar store makeup. Whichever it might be, this woman is by far one of the most recognized WOC on YouTube. Peep her channel and you’ll see why.


Mis Amores! IrisBeilin’s YouTube covers anything from product reviews, to drugstore makeup only videos and story-times. It’s her relatable personality that wins us over and grabs the viewer’s attention. Being unapologetically herself, Iris is dominating the beauty guru game.


Jackie Aina is arguably one of the most hilarious beauty gurus yet. She’s herself and doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to product reviews. She’s proved to us that you don’t need to splurge on crazy expensive makeup products to keep the slayage strong.


Jesse’s exquisite makeup looks are ICONIC. The amount of detail and hardwork he puts into his looks is unbelievable and clearly seen in his photos. Although recognized for his bold looks, he also posts YouTube tutorials that are everyday look friendly. And those faux freckles. ?


Okay yes. Kathryn can make practically any lipstick color look bomb. With just over 300K followers, her platform keeps growing. She’s a beauty guru who allows us a look into her personal life through her GRWM chit-chats that keep us hooked.


Perhaps one of the most recognized male MUA’s is Angelo. Though a bigger Instagram presence than on YouTube, he manages to create product reviews for his subscribers and a variety of different tutorials. Peep his Instagram and get inspired.


Jazmin’s YouTube is one of the most genuine yet. Her lifestyle and beauty videos make you feel like you’re chilling with a friend while learning new stuff. We’re also living for the vibrant hair colors she kills everytime.


As an OG Alva Jay fan, I just had to put her on this list. This fierce Chicana is an entrepreneur who started her following back when MySpace and Tumblr were at their prime. Alva proves that being yourself is always key. Her videos take us through her fitness journey, give in depth makeup advice and tips, and shows us trendy outfits at an affordable price.


Jennie Jenkins isn’t afraid to speak her opinion and speak it loud. This beauty guru keeps us locked in with fashion lookbooks, beauty secrets, and a day in the life vlogs.


Posting new videos every week, Melissa’s YouTube teaches us makeup, skin care tips, outfit ideas and vlogs that we can’t get enough of.


Another YouTube OG is @AndreasChoice. A WOC icon. Truly. She’s posted videos that others wouldn’t be so eager to post (how to get rid of dark underarms, acne scar DIY treatments, and more.) She passes on her beauty knowledge making the viewer feel like if they’re talking with a big sister.


Last but not least is Alissa. At just 22, she’s earned nearly 400K followers on Instagram and over 620K on YouTube. She keeps her content fresh with her Mystery Makeup Mondays while also catering to a budget friendly audience. However, her Halloween inspired looks have to be my favorite.

Featured photo via Jesse Arreola on Twitter

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