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Idolizing Celebrities Can Be Toxic For Both Parties

July 13, 20173 min read

Countries and regions all over the world have their own famous figures and celebrities that are followed around by the media. In North America, especially, the lives of celebrities are a favorite topic among most people, but especially young people. Although almost everyone loves talking about the latest scandal or dating rumors, there is a group of people that take simply liking a celebrity into a totally new level.

Worshipping and idolizing celebrities can be dangerous to the fan, as well as the celebrity. One thing that often happens is that celebrity does something wrong or problematic, like saying something racist, yet is defended by their fans. The same fans who claim to be “woke” and attack another celebrity for saying or doing something problematic still continue to defend their favorite celebrity through everything.

The love that a fan has for a certain celebrity blinds them to any wrongdoing. In their minds, the celebrity is perfect and cannot make any mistake. 

It’s no secret that many celebrities have had their safety jeopardized due to obsessive fans. Many popular figures in the entertainment industry have needed to get restraining orders and increase their security presences because they were being harassed by “fans”, or even physically attacked.  People who are obsessed with celebrities will do anything to get close to them, and can often put that celebrity’s safety at risk. Not only that, but they could ruin other fan’s experiences if the celebrity chooses not to interact with fans anymore because of those dangerous situations.

Idolizing celebrities can be toxic to the fan’s well being as well. Whenever a celebrity comes out and talks about their own issues with body image, sexuality, etc. there will always be fans who credit those celebrities for helping them overcome their own issues. It’s great if you were able to get help for your issues because of a certain celebrity, but it becomes toxic once you start depending on that celebrity for your entire recovery.

I’ve seen people praise their favorite celebrities for helping them recover, while ignoring the work that they themselves put in to overcome their issues. It becomes especially dangerous when those same fans start blaming the celebrity for moving on with their issue, which has happened many times before, especially with teenagers. 

Idolizing celebrities is not the same as simply being a fan of them. There are definitely people out there who are hardcore fans of a certain celebrity, but are able to think for themselves. As much as it is fun to idolize a celebrity, fans need to make sure to be careful so it doesn’t go too far.

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Tharushika Hetti

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