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2018’s Biggest Fashion Trends

December 31, 20183 min read

As we say goodbye to 2018, I thought we should look back on all the biggest fashion trends of the year, from those tiny sunglasses to the 90’s fanny packs!

This year had many amazing trends loved by many and some funky trends as well. Today, we’re breaking down six style trends that found their way into our wardrobes this year.

Dad Sneakers

This dad sneaker or “ugly sneaker” trend has been worn by many celebrities and influencers, like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. Fashion has reached peak dad. Many have embraced the shoes’ ugliness and turned it into a trend.
Image via model Bella Hadid

Biker Shorts

Nearly 110,000 cycling and biker shorts were bought on eBay, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid inspiring the trend. However, they weren’t the first ones to wear them, as celebrities like Princess Diana and Madonna were seen rocking the shorts in the ’80s.
Image via model and designer Nadia Aboulhosn

Tiny Sunglasses

The resurgence of itty-bitty ’90s sunglasses was confirmed when many influencers were seen rocking the small-frames this year. They may be too small to actually shield your eyes from the sun, but they sure are still cool to look at! Looking for best running sunglasses.
Image via model Kendall Jenner

Plaid Pants

Now, plaid pants are not new, they have been here from the ’70s. But they are very different from the boring old ’70s pants. They come in new styles, the pants are more “relaxed.” They have a chic vibe to them in a French style mixed with a “laidback” vibe.
Image via Fashion YouTuber Ashley (aka “bestdressed”)

Fanny Packs

How can we not mention the fanny packs? Literally, every influencer I knew has a fanny pack. This ’90s accessory, like the dad sneakers, enjoyed a style revival. They are very practical and convenient. Fanny packs played a significant part in accessory sales growth this year.
Image via YouTuber Nilsani

Dr. Martens

The British brand has been a fashion go-to for decades. The edgy shoes were really in this year. These comfy and sturdy shoes are now also a must-have item with models and actresses.
Image via Audrey Rivet

Featured image by Godisable Jacob from Pexels.

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