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23-Year-Old Isaac and His First Solo Trip to a Grocery Store – Arts + Culture

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23-Year-Old Isaac and His First Solo Trip to a Grocery Store

December 4, 20173 min read

isaac looked around incredibly confused.

by the chuckle that escaped from the old man to his right, it was obvious to everyone around him just how nervous and clueless he was about his next move.

he had done this a million of times, why was this one so incredibly difficult?

yeah, he was grocery shopping.

for the first time by himself.

and it was scary as shit.

the thought of adulting (isaac preferred using the term as an action) was beyond terrifying to him. this was one of the most important steps in life, cause after all, he’s a growing, 23-year-old guy who still downed food like a pre-teen the first time his hormones decided to swarm around, or more bluntly, the first time they went nuts.

a soft whine from the aisle in front of him caught his attention.

a little girl, maybe around four, was starting to whimper, and honestly, isaac didn’t want to be there when those turned into sobs. but for some reason, he couldn’t stop watching the scene unfolding before him.

he wanted to know exactly why that little girl was crying and how he could make it stop. an almost brotherly-like feeling erupted inside of him and before he could think about it, he was walking toward the crying infant.

kneeling down in front of her, he asked what was wrong.

the girl simply pointed to the little package of gummy bears and gave him a big pout, expecting to win her way into his heart.

she was almost there, almost.

he then asked her who she was with and followed her gaze to what seemed like a grumpy teenaged boy who was stuffing his mouth with bread in the corner.

isaac inspected their grocery cart,

video games, frozen pizza and was that beer? obviously a cheap one.

it wasn’t his business. he averted his eyes and shook his head in disbelief.

he could buy all of that for himself but couldn’t take a simple package of gummy bears for his sister? unbelievable.

isaac didn’t know what to do.

he couldn’t yell at the guy; he was under 18, and if it got physical, isaac could go to jail. and he couldn’t just buy the candy for the girl, I mean we are told pretty much our entire childhood not to accept candy from strangers.

the girl had already left his side. he grabbed a package of the sweet bears and slipped it into their shopping cart.

he walked away hoping the teenage brother wouldn’t realize later on.

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