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3 Essential Artists for Your Autumn Playlists

November 13, 20183 min read

As the days grow shorter and the sun sets earlier, the time we’ve grown accustomed to for outdoor activities becomes scarce. Autumn is a spotty time, with varying temperatures and weather conditions. Time usually spent outside is forced to relocate indoors, and cars replace walking as the main source of transportation. All of these changes cause music to become a bit more appealing. Instead of poppy viral songs reminiscent of summer, more relaxed and thoughtful songs are played.

1. Joji

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Known for his viral Filthy Frank Youtube-comedian fame, Joji recently lent his vocals to 88rising’s debut project, Head In The Clouds. Joji has previously showcased his ability on his 2018 album In Tongues, and with his newest offering, Ballads 1On his most recent single, “Slow Dancing In the Dark,” he sings of the melancholy of wanting someone who doesn’t want you.  Joji mixes genres to create lush tracks, layered with his trademark gloomy croon, the perfect soundtrack to a rainy day accompanied with a book. Favorites from his latest album include: “Test Drive”, “No Fun”, and “R.I.P”.

2. King Krule

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Coming fresh off of a Mercury Award nomination for his third album, The Ooz, King Krule embodies the melancholic feeling of time passing. His eclectic fusion of jazz, punk, and lo-fi hip-hop, all under various monikers, has led to admiration from Beyonce, Tyler The Creator, and Kanye West, with the latter not capturing his interest. The South London-born wunderkind has stretched his medium through music, poetry, photography and art. In collaboration with his brother, Jack Marshall, he’s even had a book documenting their creative forms. “Slush Puppy”, “Out Getting Ribs”, and “Easy Easy”, are stand out tracks that evoke the visceral feeling of change.

3. Mt. Joy

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A final group to save on Spotify is Mt. Joy. Composed of two native Philadelphians and a full band, now based in LA, Mt. Joy is breathing new air into the classically overdone indie genre. With infectious songs off their self-titled debut album such as “Sheep”, “Silver Lining”, and “Astrovan”, it comes at no surprise that they have 1.6 million Spotify listeners each month. Mt. Joy is clearly a growing act, and you won’t be able to get them out of your head.

Take a few moments to add these songs to your fall playlist while sipping a warm pumpkin-spice latte and planning your Black Friday wish list. You’ll surely be able to appreciate the falling leaves with more endearment as your ears thank you.

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