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3 Musicians That Personify Youthful Lovin’

December 17, 20175 min read

We all have some type of connection to a song or album that makes us save it to our playlists. Sometimes we may not even notice, but in the midst of us dancing to our slow songs and dabbing to our mix-tapes, music puts such a positive effect on us, not as just teenagers, but as a whole generation. With social media keeping us closer together than ever, we can spread our love of music across the world. So sit back, grab your phone, and look up these lovely musicians.

Rex Orange County – Apricot Princess

Alex O’Conner, famously known as Rex Orange County, released his second album in April of this year. ‘Apricot Princess’ is also the name of the first song in this track, which it rightfully deserves. The album starts off with a soothing love ballad, singing about his lover in such a caring way. His songs don’t just skip the predictable butterflies-in-my-stomach phase. It makes listeners feel the realistic and simple needs from a love-sick partner. People want someone who they can share a connection with. ‘Sycamore Girl’ and ‘Happiness’ address the bright and positive sides of his own relationship and represent the pure joy one gets from finding their special someone.

It pretty much sums up ‘Apricot Princess’ as a whole. I’ve recently been really lucky and found someone amazing for and ‘Happiness’ is simply about my core feelings on my relationship with her and how my life has been for the past year and a half.”-Rex Orange County

Khalid – American Teen

Nineteen-year-old, Grammy-nominated R&B singer Khalid Donnel Robinson debuted his album American Teen in March of 2017. American Teen centers around the high school years of having fun and being in love. Not only that, the album doesn’t talk about those perfect high school relationships we see in the movies. The album is packed with awesome friendships and having fun but eventually ending, frail relationships, and lovers craving for each other but failing to meet each other due to mind games. ‘Coaster’ talks about the emotional turmoil and struggle Khalid went through pursuing someone he loved, even though she could never return his feelings.Though some songs are sad ballads, they remain beautifully sad. Khalid mixes R&B and old-school pop to create an incredibly addictive beat that makes you want to grab your friends and dance all night.

Daniel Caesar – Freudian 

Daniel Caesar released his first studio album Freudian in 2017, which was highly anticipated by fans. Since the release of ‘Get You’ and ‘Japanese Denim’ in 2016, it seemed just about time for Daniel to make an official album. Freudian has to be one of the most well-thought and humane album about love and heartbreak of this year. Even the album title, it refers to sexuality and it’s importance to the human behavior. The album sounds more and more like a story the more you listen. We Find Love, the sixth track of the album, reminisces on the failed relationship between Daniel and his partner but is put back together, on track seven Blessed. In Best Part featuring H.E.R, both singers address the love and adoration they have for their partners, essentially calling them the “best part” of their relationship together. The album includes features from Syd and Charlotte Day Wilson, who add their own special touch to each song. Listening to this album is like looking at a painting, a masterpiece.

One thing each of these artists have is the incredible talent to tell stories in the way an artist sees the world. They create based on emotion, not by trend, and it gives their music a type of life behind it. Music has the power to give a voice, to tell a story and we’re all listening.

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