Nafkot Kidane

  • December 17, 2017By Nafkot Kidane

    We all have some type of connection to a song or album that makes us save it to our playlists. Sometimes we may not even notice, but in the midst of us dancing to our slow songs and dabbing to our mix-tapes, music puts such a positive effect on us, not as just teenagers, but … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/3-musicians-that-personify-youthful-lovin/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read

  • December 5, 2017By Nafkot Kidane

    At this point, I’m sure everyone has heard of BTS — the seven-member Korean boy group that has dominated the world with their musical talent and charm. BTS (also known as Beyond the Scene) has been breaking barriers all year. In May, they attended the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and the won Top Social Artist. … <a href="https://culture.affinitymagazine.us/bts-is-breaking-barriers-through-music-speaking-on-important-issues/" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read