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4 Incredibly Underrated Albums and EPs of 2017

December 8, 20175 min read

As we enjoy this last month of 2017, we reminisce about all the amazing contributions in the field of music this year. From the debut album of One Direction’s Harry Styles to the return of Kesha, it’s safe to say this was a great year to discover new bangers. However, with the release of so many albums, here are just some of the albums that are incredibly slept on that deserve to be shared!

1. Lovely Little Lonely – The Maine

Image Courtesy of @dirkmai from @themaineband Instagram

Lovely Little Lonely by American rock band The Maine marks their 6th studio album and a follow-up to their 2015’s album American Candy. With strong bursts of guitars, catchy lyrics and The Maine’s lead singer John O’Callaghan’s memorable vocals, this album is exciting, exuberant and energetic, while at the same time explores themes like growing up and even depression. If you like the rock and alternative sound, this is the album for you.

Recommended song: “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu

With a fast-paced intro, “Black Butterflies” and Deja Vu” hits you with a dynamic feel to then be followed by a slowed down chorus — a reversed approach to your typical song.

Honorable mentions: “The Sound Of Reverie,” “Bad Behavior,” “Don’t Come Down,” “How Do You Feel”

Listen to the album here!

2. You – Dodie

Artwork by @sydney_emery from @doddleoddle on Twitter

Dodie Clark has been posting her covers and original songs on YouTube since 2011, gaining over 1.3 million subscribers and over 100 million views to date with her sweet, pleasing voice and quirky yet charming personality. Her 2nd EP You made history amongst YouTubers, reaching number 6 overall in the official U.K. album chart.

Recommended song: “Would You Be So Kind

This ukelele-driven song is addicting, not only because of the melody, but also for Dodie’s voice and the back vocals.

Honorable mentions: “You,” “In The Middle”

Listen to the EP here!

3. Songs from the Swamp – Ollie MN

Image Courtesy of @OllieMcKendrick

Probably the most underrated artists I’ll be mentioning, Ollie MN started on Vine posting six-second looped singing videos, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that he begun occasionally posting originally written and produced content on YouTube.

Image Courtesy of @olliemckendrickness on InstagramRecommended song:Wish The World Away

“I want to dance and strut

I want to pretend

That this week-old pizza hut

Is not my oldest friend”

This talented singer and songwriter’s cynical outlook on life and relatable humor — along with his amazing musical composition skills and soothing voice — make this and all of his songs addicting and bound to make you hit replay.

Honorable mention: “Gold Star”

Listen to the EP here!

4. Dear Evan Hansen ( Original Broadway Cast Recording )

The recently Grammy-nominated album that is “Dear Evan Hansen” first captured the hearts of Broadway lovers as a ground-breaking musical tackling teen suicide. Not only amazing as a Broadway play, the soundtrack is as equally impressive — heartwarming yet heartbreaking, hopeful yet sorrowful.

Recommended song: “If I Could Tell Her

A song about having a secret crush, the sweet melody of “If I Could Tell Her,” along with Ben Platt’s powerful vocals, will make you swoon. Relatable? Absolutely. *sends to crush*

“You never knew how wonderful

That smile could make someone feel”

Honorable mentions: “Waving Through a Window,” “Requiem,” “For Forever,” “Sincerely Me”

Listen to the album here!

Discover a new favorite song from these suggestions or think I missed any other underrated albums? Leave a comment below!

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