zay syed

  • August 1, 2018By zay syed

    ‘This is Iraq’ is a hip-hop song performed by 33-year-old rapper I-NZ, whose real name is Majid, who was born in Scotland to Iraqi parents, brought up in New Zealand and currently lives in Dubai. Majid is identified as an Iraqi-Kiwi, which stands for Iraq-New Zealand and is also his hip-hop cognomen. I-NZ released the

  • February 13, 2018By zay syed

    Interpretation is something that I have always wished to entrust upon the eyes that read me. I don’t like to give written meanings to words I have felt. That’s the beauty of it: When one reads between the lines and they take and feel them for something of their own, it is so much deeper.

  • January 19, 2018By zay syed

    Gluttony may be one of the seven most deadly sins that everyone loves to get around of but it is also, perhaps, known to be the mainly tolerated sin in Pakistan. I say this now, not as someone who is constantly at risk from the mouth-watering magnetism of the free-food gateways or buffet lineups, but

  • December 6, 2017By zay syed

    I have not found my greatest purpose in life yet, but I believe I am almost there. Yesterday, my purpose was sleeping. Two days back, it was more sleeping. I can’t really speak on behalf of what I will have for tomorrow, but I believe that today, my purpose is reminiscing. I wish to leave