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4 Songs You Need To Listen To Right Now

December 2, 20173 min read

There’s no denying that music is one of the best — if not the best — ways to relax. Whether you want to cry your sorrows away or dance like there’s no tomorrow, we’ve got you covered. These are some not-so-hidden gems that you should give a listen, or perhaps pay more attention to:

“XXX. FEAT. U2.” From DAMN. By Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar really hit the mark with his new album DAMN. The gem “XXX.” has many references to police brutality, the futility of “The American Dream” and the current status of Black People living in the U.S. He is brutally honest, and the thoughtful lyricism mixed with the intense beat creates a somber bop to get you thinking.

“Glory and Gore” From Pure Heroine By Lorde

Lorde’s “Glory and Gore” effectively and melodiously creates a dichotomy between fame and gore. It is quite possibly a commentary on today’s tabloid culture — drama brings in the most views, desperately needed by the one seeking glory. Lorde is a young prodigy as far as meaningful lyrics in the music industry go, and her sudden thrust into fame may have influenced this song.

“Different Skies” From Different Skies By Shoffy

Different Skies is a chill bop about first loves. Falling in love when you were young and had no worries, and then having to watch that person end up with the love of their life. Heartbreak is a theme so delicately but effectively touched on in this song, so you can play it when you want to dance or when you want to cry. It has a modern feel to it and is tunefully elegant.

“Ode To Sleep” From Vessel By Twenty One Pilots

Ode To Sleep is undeniably a gem, and the unique electronic-rap style of this song sets it apart from the masses. Heavy topics such as intrusive thoughts and higher powers are addressed in an almost metaphorical way. The lyrics working together with the rhythm create an urgent and intense tone. Many find solace in the songs of Twenty One Pilots, and “Ode To Sleep” is definitely one of their best songs.

Music is a place for comfort, and whether you want to get pumped up or relax, these four songs certainly need to find the place they deserve on your playlist.

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