Now Reading: 5 Books About Feminism, Self-Love, and Race That Will Change Your Life


5 Books About Feminism, Self-Love, and Race That Will Change Your Life

November 2, 20174 min read

As a college student, I find myself procrastinating often and looking for myself in a hundred different places. Nineteen is the perfect age to work on yourself and expand your learning. Recently, my new passion has been reading books by female authors about the ever-growing pains we must endure as teenagers and as women. These five books below are great for those trying to learn more about themselves and those on the path to self-love.

1. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

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This classic by Rupi Kaur discusses feminism, heartbreak, and self-love. This collection of poems will cause you to look deep within yourself and your life and the social problems we are experiencing in the world today.

2. The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

The sequel of Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur expands on topics of self-love, heartbreak, life as an immigrant, racism, feminism, abuse, and healing. The poetry book consists of 5 chapters: wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. Through each one we see her going through heartbreak, abuse, rape and then flourishing as she learns how to love herself.

3. The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon

A novel by Nicola Yoon, author of Everything Everything, this story had me up until 1:00 a.m. pondering the ideas of fate and love at first sight. It is a love story, torn through with illegal immigration and racism. She spins the tale by using realistic situations that make readers think of their own lives and situations often overlooked. With points of view from an illegal Jamaican immigrant, a Korean-American teen who does not want to become a doctor like his parents wish, a woman about to commit suicide and the immigrant parents struggling to make a future for their children, this novel is not only a tearjerker but an eye-opener.

4. Flux by Orion Carloto


In her first book, Orion Carloto opens the eyes of her readers through this collection of poems. She has her heart on her sleeve, as she discusses her own heartbreak — that which many can relate to — and the healing process she went through to find herself. Released on Oct. 24, we should support this genuine heart and find a piece of ourselves along the way.

5. The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace

With the idea that women do not need men to save them, Amanda Lovelace uses her collection of poems to emphasize feminism, self-love, and healing. With four chapters consisting of the transformation from a princess, to the damsel, to a queen, to you, Lovelace shows her audience the stages of self-love.

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