Now Reading: Authors Lindsay Cummings and Victoria Scott Talk About Their New Subscription Box and Upcoming Books


Authors Lindsay Cummings and Victoria Scott Talk About Their New Subscription Box and Upcoming Books

March 27, 20185 min read

Lindsay Cummings and Victoria Scott are both successful authors with a thriving fan base.

Scott is well-known for her popular Dante Walker Trilogy. Her latest book, “Violet Grenade,” was a refreshing change from the usual tropes Young Adult writers rely on — it’s a psychological thriller that focuses on a runaway named Domino, who has a second, deadly personality.

Cummings is best-known for her last book, “ZENITH,” which she co-authored with YouTuber Sasha Alsberg. The book debuted No. 7 on the NYT hardcover list. According to Cummings, “It’s an epic space adventure — think Guardians of the Galaxy, but with an all-female crew of space pirates!”

Lindsay and Victoria. Courtesy of Victoria Scott.

Both authors spoke to Affinity about their upcoming books, as well as their latest venture, Scribbler.

Is there anything you can tell us about your upcoming book?

VICTORIA: Mine is still hush-hush, but I guess I can spill the title. It’s We Told Six Lies, and it’s a young adult thriller in the same vein of Gone Girl. We Told Six Lies releases Nov. 6, 2018.

LINDSAY: Next up for me is “ZENITH Book 2” (Co-authored. The title hasn’t been revealed yet!). And then I’m also sitting on some secret bookish news, back to my solo works again, and I’ve never been more excited about a project in my entire life! “ZENITH Book 2” will drop in January 2019. 

Do you have any writing advice for aspiring authors?

VICTORIA: I would say to read outside your genre. If you write fantasy, then read romance, and poetry, and comic books, and fantasy. If you only read in the area you write, your stories can sound derivative to what is already on store shelves.

“Stand out by reading broadly.”

LINDSAY: Read and write and repeat. The best way to learn how to become a great writer is to read great books, and then practice writing as much as possible. I also think the comparison game is a dangerous one, though, so while you’re reading/writing, you’ve got to love what YOU are doing! Everyone has their own voice and their own path.

The two authors have launched an entirely-unique subscription box company — get this, it’s a subscription box for writers! It’s called Scribbler, and already, many writers are excited about it.

They have just released their first box, and Scribbler already has an overwhelming number of subscribers. Basically, Scribbler is a subscription box by writers, for writers. Expect writing tips, writing themes, novels and much more. Both Scott and Cummings spoke to Affinity about this exciting new venture, so read on to learn more!

Courtesy of Victoria Scott.

What inspired this venture?

We were both hitting a place in our careers where we were looking back on what we’d learned. How certain things went well, and how other things could have been better. All the things we wished we’d had as new authors — motivation, writing education, an “in” with decision makers — were the same things we wanted today. We realized those things were steadfast in the pursuit to publication. So we put them in a box!

Why is Scribbler unique?

It’s the only box for writers! It’s a (more affordable) writing conference in a cardboard box.

What can fans expect in the first subscription box?

They can expect a new release book, a Writing Passport from the author, teaching them how to tackle writing techniques, an invitation to chat with a publishing decision maker (i.e. Skype chat with the book’s literary agent) and writerly gifts with notes on how to use them.

How can interested writers subscribe?

Subscriptions are now open for the April box. Find them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @goscribbler. Subscribe at

The wait for the new books is long, but excited readers (and aspiring writers) can bide their time by grabbing one of these amazing subscription boxes!

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