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5 DC Books You Should Be Reading

November 19, 20173 min read








1. Batgirl & The Birds of Prey

Looking for a all-female badass crime-fighting team? The Birds of Prey is the right one! Huntress, Black Canary and Batgirl all team up to fight bad guys in the cities of Burnside and Gotham. Julie & Shawna Benson do absolute wonders for this book. Claire Roe’s art is really beautiful and complements the book well. Pick this up in your local comic book shop!

2. Superman

America’s first and most recognizable superhero is here to save the day! Clark Kent is America’s symbol for hope and prosperity which is exactly why you should pick up this book. Peter J. Tomasi is the best writer for this book, as he’s able to write the best version of Superman that we all know and love. The art is very bright and has a perfect bright color palette which captures what we think of Superman. This is a must read!

3. Wonder Woman

The most iconic female superhero of all time, Diana Prince of Themyscira continues to be epic in her current book. Previously written by Greg Rucka, this new comic is written Shea Fontana. The book captures the essence of what Diana Prince is really about while including new and amazing stories. The art is beautifully drawn and captures the mood depending on what is going on in the story, which is what I want from a comic book. This is definitely a must!

4. Mister Miracle

DC’s “New Gods” franchise is one of the most mind-bending yet interesting takes on a comic realm that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I would be lying if I said Mister Miracle isn’t one of the best books right now in modern comics. Tom King’s style of writing for this comic is truly interesting and wild, as the first issue reminded me on his writing in Vision which was my favorite book of 2016. Mitch Gerards’ art is really versatile and is able to catch the atmosphere of Tom’s writing style.

5. Detective Comics

The Batfam comes together to protect Gotham from its several criminals in Detective Comics. This book revolves around those several characters and the infamous dark knight. Batwoman, Cassandra Cain (Orphan, Tim Drake aka Red Robin), Duke Thomas (Signal), Azrael, Clayface, Luke Fox (Batwing) and Stephanie Brown (Spoiler) all are who make the book spectacular and consistently interesting. James Tynion is a phenomenal writer in this series; he puts emphasis on each one of the characters’ backgrounds and past through each separate story arc. Artists Eddy Burrows and Alvaro Martinez provide dark color palettes to accommodate the book. I really enjoy this book, and it is a must-read!

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