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(lower case intended)

pen in hand and stack of books to his left, shawn was more than ready to start signing copies of his hard work.
he couldn’t believe that after so many years passed someone truly saw his point of view and decided that it was worthy enough to be shared with the world.
his spin-off of the classic story about the boy who never wanted to grow up took him to the top charts of anyone with an ounce of brain cells.
people came and went in and out of the small bookshop in the big busy chaos but one person specifically caught his eye. A flash of lilac.
he was close to messing up.
as she was approaching the table he was situated in the thin lines became noticeable and his heart shattered.
he was more than determined now, he had an outcome.He knew how this was going to go along with the feeling of the ending in the pit of his stomach.
“please don’t hurt yourself no more, i need you wendy”.

although life it’s not a book you have full control of.
your just one of its many writers.

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Belén Villalobos

nineteen years old from ba. usually overly caffeinated writing short stories about people she sees on trains.

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