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The 5 Most Influential Women to Follow on Instagram

October 27, 20173 min read

If you are feeling disheartened from all the crap that is happening in the world, or if you just need some motivation to actually do something, here are my top 5 most influential people on Instagram who motivate me and give me hope:

1. Zendaya

Stay slaying.

Credit: Zenday’s personal twitter

Okay, everyone’s favourite girl Zendaya just had to be on this list. She is an actress, singer, model, business woman, public speaker and activist (is there anything she can’t do?). Her posts are mostly filled with beautiful shots of herself, interviews, people who deserve to be heard and America’s history of activists. Scrolling through her Instagram will probably put a smile on your face and give you hope in people.

2. Ashley Graham

Stay slaying.

Credit: Daily Mail

This model, designer, author and body activist (so says her bio) is taking over the fashion industry by a storm, and honestly, we are all here for it. As she tackles the haters and trolls down, she is also spreading body positivity. Her Instagram is a refreshing look for the fashion industry, and it motivates young (and old) individuals to come out of their shell.

3. Lizzie Velasquez

Stay slaying.

Credit: Book People

At the age of 17, she found a video online calling her the ugliest woman on earth. With a rare genetic disorder called neonatal progeroid syndrome, her muscles and bones has been affected, making it difficult for her to gain weight. But she didn’t let that or the bullies and trolls to weaken her — in fact, it made her stronger. Now she is a public speaker and advocate for anti-bullying. Her Instagram expresses her fight against bullying and (of course) offers stunning photos of herself.

4. Halima Aden

Stay slaying.

Credit: International The News

Being the first ever Hijab-wearing model to grace to cover of Vogue and Allure magazine, there should be a lot of pressure right? Not to Halima Aden — this is only the beginning for her. She isn’t afraid to show who she really is while at the same time break down stereotypes against Muslims. Her Instagram encouraged me to be more comfortable in my own skin and push away those stereotypes, because they don’t define who we really are.

5. Eleanor Simmonds

Stay slaying.

Credit: Evening Standard

At the age of 13, she won two gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics for swimming, two more gold medals in the London 2012 Paralympics and a gold medal in the resent 2016 Rio Paralympics. Having a disability didn’t stop her from reaching her goals, it only made her work harder to get them. Her Instagram page is flooded with pictures and videos her training and traveling across the world.

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