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5 Seconds of Summer Meet You There Tour: Review

September 11, 201813 min read

The lights went down. Flashes of purple and white lit up the pavilion and the familiar start to “Babylon started. The audience went crazy — drowning out the tune coming from the guitar. Bassist Calum Hood’s voice sounded through the speakers and it began.

Being an enormous fan of 5 Seconds of Summer for a consecutive five years now, I think that I have gained the right to do a review on their well-known Meet You There tour. After a two year break in which the 5SOS guys took well-needed time for themselves and began working on their third album Youngblood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood returned in full force with countless hit songs and a worldwide tour that managed to sell out within minutes in various locations.

Following “Babylon were fan favorites “Talk Fast” and “Moving Along — both of which made the ground shake as fans jumped and danced, screaming the lyrics to the songs at the top of their lungs. The instant the cameras zoomed in on Calum Hood as he began his verse in Talk Fast, the singing of the audience dissolved into encouraging cheers. 


The band then proceeded to play a few crowd favorites including their hit 2015 song “She’s Kinda Hot,” “Girls Talk Boys” from the Ghostbusters soundtrack, and “Waste The Night” from their 2015 album Sounds Good Feels Good.

Ashton Irwin, known not only for his skills when it comes to drumming but his tremendously encouraging attitude toward life — constantly reminding fans to remain positive and keep fighting against the hardships that life throws their way — punched a fist into the air, thanking the audience for coming out.

“Did you miss us?” He shouted, inked moon phases in splashes of red displaying themselves on the inside of his arms. “I live for this!”

The crowd shouted and screamed in response and a few of them even swooned, screaming as loud as they possibly could in attempt to show their love for the band.

Photograph taken by Andy Deluca

Track nine off of Youngblood, “More,” started off with heavy guitar and drums. The lights followed the beat, flashing from purple to blue to white. Singer and guitarist Luke Hemmings stomped across the stage, his guitar slung across his chest and the microphone clutched tightly in his hand as he moved along to the music, giving the song all he had.

“Better Man” was next up and the blue lights faded in and out and around the entire pavilion. Hemmings sang breathily into the microphone before holding it above his head for fans to give it their all. When “If Walls Could Talk” began, the audience started with a rhythmic clapping which followed the beat of Irwin’s drumming. Here, he was also able to show off his incredible voice. Michael Clifford walked the edge of the stage, grinning at fans as they sang along with Hemmings who his his high notes wonderfully. The entire audience obeyed when Luke then shouted, “Jump, jump, jump!” 

Back to back, the band played their most treasured songs “Ghost of You and “Amnesia.” For the former, Hemmings began at the center of the stage, swaying softly as the crowd sang the emotional song with him. The pavilion lit up in blue as the audience placed blue sticky notes onto the backs of their phones, their flashlights illuminating through the paper and bathing the stadium in cool blue. “Ghost of You concluded with Luke sitting at his piano, only the gentleness of the keys accompanying his soothing, unembellished voice. 

And at last, the familiar tune of the 2014 song “Amnesia sounded through the speakers followed by Calum Hood’s voice. Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings sat on a ledge in the middle of the stage, playing guitar and backing Hood up. The crowd was alive with the nostalgia of the last seven years of 5 Seconds of Summer and they began to sway, arms raised as they sang tunefully along to the timeless fan favorite.

Of course, the guys of 5SOS would not be themselves if they did not partake in witty banter on stage. Irwin, Clifford and Hood took part in teasing Hemmings, Ashton referring to him (Luke) as being a “Walmart version,” proving they are keeping up with Twitter slang. When Luke retaliated, Ashton jokingly responded, “Do not embarrass me in front of thousands of people,” to which the crowd erupted with laughter.

The amusing repartee was followed by endless praise and thanks from each of the guys as they thanked the audience countless times for coming out and singing along with them as well as acknowledging their extreme luck as musicians.

The music resumed and after four long years of fans begging for the 2014 song “The Only Reason to be played live at shows, the 5SOS guys finally decided to grant our wishes. The lights zeroed in on Michael Clifford and his velvety voice carried over the speakers as he began to sing the opening lines. I cannot tell a lie — I kind of wanted to cry! The stadium lit up in orange hearts as a result of another fan project dedicated to the beloved song that means so much to so many as Clifford continued to serenade the crowd.

Lie to Me” and “Why Won’t You Love Me” began and ended before the pavilion glowed red. The much loved “Valentine” started up and ended with the fans singing loudly with the boys as Hemmings held the microphone up for the second time that night. “Come on,” he encouraged waving the crowd on to continue.

The 2015 single “Jet Black Heart started, an old fan favorite that deals with mental health disorders and holds a significant place in the hearts of numerous fans. Clifford once again showcased his strong vocal abilities.

The final song, “Want You Back began, purple, red and orange lights flooding the pavilion. Hemmings ditched his guitar momentarily to strut across stage with the microphone, shouting and dancing as he continuously hyped the crowd up, urging them to sing along with him. Hemmings began dancing, his back to the crowd as he let the music take over.

The encore included the classic “She Looks So Perfect and the 5SOS guys gave the fans their all by performing their well-known in-sync jump. At that, the audience turned wild, waving both their phones and their hands in the air. 

Finally, the hit song that has topped the Billboard charts, the song that started it all  “Youngblood.” The final song started off with little to no guitar as Hemmings crooned the chorus into the microphone, the crowd singing softly along with him.


Just before the chorus, there was a sort of anticipation that began pulsing through the crowd and leading up to what was to come. The pulsing, an electric current that tied us all together. We knew that this was it — this is the final song, the end. For a split second, the crowd went silent. And then, the silence was replaced by the sound of Irwin’s drums and the crowd erupted into the chorus as Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings padded across the stage and Hood bobbed his head along to the sound of his bass. Hands were seen swaying above heads as the crowd jumped as high as they possibly could, singing every part of the song including the “ooh-ooh-oohs.” 

“Can you sing with us one last time?” Asked Hemmings of the crowd. “Can I get a yes?” The chorus was repeated a second time until the instruments faded away — the drumming and the guitars — slowly but surely.

The concert was over. The 5SOS guys returned center stage and bowed as the audience shouted their appraisal toward them, some even throwing roses. Clifford caught one and waved at the fans before following the other boys off the stage.

The Meet You There tour concert ended, leaving many fans feeling sad and despondent as they were left to comprehend the fact that the best night of their lives was over. The Meet You There tour has something for everyone, old fans and new. The 5SOS guys put on an amazing show filled with their well-known witty banter and extremely talented voices.

5 Seconds of Summer interact with their fans at each of their shows, making them feel both adored and appreciated, constantly making sure that they are in fact having a good time as well as reminding them (the fans) of the mighty appreciation that they have for them.

Image from Alternative Press

Having had the chance to see 5 Seconds of Summer live in concert a total of five times, I can confidently say that every show of theirs that I have attended is an incredible one. The 5SOS guys have fans shouting and screaming and dancing at each of their shows — creating a sort of safe haven for their fanbase to go and let loose and just forget about their problems for a little while.

If you don’t get chance to see 5 Seconds of Summer at their Meet You There tour, I highly recommend seeing them any other chance that you get. They put on an incredible show each time and they never disappoint.  

Photo via Hollywood Life

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