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5 Songs to Listen to When You’re in Your Feels

October 30, 20174 min read

We all have those days (or weeks) where we feel as if absolutely nothing is going our way. On these kinds of days, what better to do than lay in bed under your covers, put your headphones in and listen to music that reflects how you feel? Music is a universal tool that is best used when one is able to find a song that speaks the thoughts inside their head so that they don’t have to. It is important to know that you are never alone in how you feel. The songs below are ones that are best listened to at night in your bed with no one else around — hopefully, they will help you to feel less alone.

1. ”idontwannabeyouanymore” by Billie Eilish

Listen to when you’re angry at the world; when society has let you down, and you don’t know what this world is becoming. Listen to this song when you need an escape from reality and want to get trapped inside Billie’s mind for a few minutes.

2. “Sleepover” by Hayley Kiyoko

Listen to when the person you’re in love with just wants to be friends; when you want so badly to just be with them, but they’re too oblivious to take the hint. Listen to this song when you spend your free time daydreaming about what a relationship with this person would be like.

3. “Waving Through a Window” by Ben Platt

Listen to when you feel as though no one can see you; when you feel invisible, lost and like your voice doesn’t matter. Listen to this song (and maybe even the whole Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack) when you need reassurance that somebody out there is willing to listen to you.

4. “Sick of Losing Soulmates” by dodie

Listen to when you’re, well, sick of losing soulmates. Listen to this song when your heart can’t handle any more pain, but you still want to be with that one person so badly. Or when you just want to be happy with another being, and you aren’t quite sure why this hasn’t worked out for you yet.

5. “Don’t Play” by Halsey

Listen to when you are not down for dealing with anyone’s attitude; when you are over the drama in your life and ready to let it roll right off your back. This song is not one to listen to when you’re down as much but one to listen to when you’re angry.

These are just a handful of songs for various situations, but hopefully, they are wide enough to help you and any situation you may be going through. You are not alone; music is always there.

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