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5 TV Shows to Look Forward to In 2018

January 22, 20184 min read

End of the F***ing World



This new Netflix TV series is about a boy (James), who’s described as a “psychopath,” and an outspoken girl with no filter (Alyssa) who escape the horror of their menial lives and embark on a road trip to Alyssa’s father — and yes, chaos ensues.

The British show was released to Netflix on Jan. 5 and has already gathered a huge audience with fans worldwide, praising it for its incredible cinematography, acting and unique storyline. The development of the relationship between James and Alyssa is one of the reasons why End of the F***ing World is the internet’s first obsession of 2018.

One Day at a Time


This Netflix original sitcom follows the life of Penelope, a Latina war veteran, and her Cuban-American family, as they navigate through the highs and lows of life together. While season one can be found on Netflix already, season two will be released later this month on Jan. 26.

This comedy manages to tackle heavy, taboo topics such as coming out, dealing with mental health within a traditional family, divorce, institutionalised sexism and deportation, while also remaining true to its comedic roots. Moreover, the characters are lovable, the show is diverse and it’s overall just an incredible yet underrated show that I recommend you check out.

The Good Doctor


This new ABC show, about a young man with autism and Savant syndrome who is hired as a surgeon in an extremely prestigious hospital, has already received critical acclaim and has swiftly become one of the most popular shows in 2018. Although the show began airing in late 2017, there are episodes still being released now.

This drama show has already received both Golden Globe and Critic Choice Award Best Actor nominations for the previous star of Bates MotelFreddie Highmore, even before all of season one has aired in its entirety. It’s an interesting and thought-provoking show that has already amassed millions of viewers each week.

American Crime Story 


An FX true American crime anthology TV series that is widely known for its first season, which covered the OJ Simpson murder trial (The People vs OJ), is returning on Jan. 17.

This season will cover the murder of Gianni Versace and is already one of 2018’s most highly-anticipated shows. The stakes are extremely high when you consider the immense popularity and success of their first season, so it’s hard to imagine that they would disappoint with a lackluster season. The trailer can be found here.

Anne With an E 


This new Netflix tv series is about the life of a young orphan girl in the 19th Century, who seeks love and acceptance after enduring an abusive childhood in multiple orphanages.

This coming-of-age story was initially released in 2017, but it has a new season set to release later in 2018. The show has a strong, female lead — who goes against the stereotype of women in the 19th-century — beautiful cinematography and a captivating storyline, so it’s definitely worth checking it out this year.

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