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6 Songs From The 50’s and 60’s That Everyone Needs On Their Playlist

November 22, 20196 min read

Music is a big part of everyday culture, and everyone prefers different things when it comes down to it. But if you’re an old soul like me, I think you’ll really enjoy these singles. I’m not going to lie, it was hard dwindling down my over sized oldies playlist to just 10 tunes, but I did it anyhow and these songs are spectacular. Keep in mind that these aren’t in any particular order, nor are they all one genre. They’re just songs that I’ve known and loved over the years, that all happen to be from the 50’s and 60’s!

1. First off, we have All Day And All Of The Night by The Kinks. We really are starting off on a banger with this one, as it’s one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s basically about a man, and his wish to always be with his girl. It may sound like a cheesy love song, but it’s really one of those songs that you picture is blaring while you’re jetting down the freeway, making waves with your hands out the window. It’s something you want to get up and dance to. Trust me, if you’re in a funky mood, listen to this!

2. Next, keeping with the same artist, we have Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks. This one is less of a party song, and more of a melodious masterpiece. Just listening to it is dreamy, which is plain irony when you know what it’s about. This song came to the lead singer in a dream, filled with sunsets of his hometown. You can almost feel yourself there when you here it, which is what makes it such a great song.

3. Now with a real softy, there’s Eddie My Love by The Chordettes. I’m sorry, but can I marry this song? It’s so pretty! Its lyrics make me want to go out and find an Eddie of my own. Although The Chordettes are known for their seamless melodies, they really worked it for this single. It’s just something short and sweet to listen to really any time of day; there isn’t a bad time to listen to those chords.

4. Next, with one of my favorites, here’s California Dreamin’ by The Mamas & The Papas.  Just as said in the title, this song really is a dream. I’ve known this song for a really long time, and its never not been on my playlist; it’s just too good. The harmonies, the voices, the song in general- it gives me chills. I listen to this when I’m in a weird mood and need to hear something reassuring that will help to get me out of a funk. Seriously, if you’re ever feeling down, this song will exceed any expectations you had may of had for this playlist.

5. Now, written by one of the most famous bands of all time, I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles. You just can’t go wrong with The Beatles! Day or night, sad or happy- this song is where it’s at. It hits everything on the list. It’s about a guy who really likes a girl, and knows her touch makes him happy. So, as blunt as he can be, he says what he wants, which is her hand to hold. Sounds cheesy, but the upbeat nature of the music makes up for some of it. It’s honestly just really good, and you can never go wrong with Paul McCartney, so give it a listen!

6. And finally, You Can Never Tell by Chuck Berry. I decided at the beginning of writing this that I would end with my favorite out of the whole playlist, so here it is. I honestly can’t give this song, nor the artist, enough praise. It puts me in a mood that exceeds good, so much so I don’t think there’s a word for it. I’ve always loved Chuck Berry, but this song is the better of any song he’s ever made or sang. I remember being smaller, and listening to this while doing chores that would bore anyone, like dishes or the trash, yet this song made it feel like it was a good use of my time. It’s definitely, in my opinion, superior, and that’s all there is to it.

As you can see, the 50’s and 60’s had some real keeper under their belt, and this is just a few of them. Explore more, see what artists you find interesting, see what they have, and enjoy this era that definitely has something for everyone.


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