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7 Philippine Instagram Thrift Shops You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

January 18, 20185 min read

Thrifting has and always would be part of our culture and society. It’s a practice that never gets old and it provides an unexplainable feeling of happiness whenever you find something rare at such a cheap price.

“Thrifting is a unique experience – digging through cluttered racks and shelves, the musty smell of who-knows-what permeating the air, and of course the possibility of finding something really awesome.”

In the Philippines, thrift shops are everywhere (although they’re more commonly referred to as “Ukay-Ukay”). What’s cool about thrifting in the Philippines is that it’s something both young and old shoppers do. You can really find something unexpected—maybe an authentic designer item or two sold for less than 1000 PHP. However, despite the overflowing number of thrift shops that you would find around the country, not everyone has the chance or the time to go out and shop.

That’s when online Instagram shopping comes to the rescue.

These are some of the local Instagram thrift shops that you should watch out for:

Urban Thrift Shop PH (@urbanthriftshop)

From jerseys to sweaters and jackets, this Instagram shop offers a diverse collection of thrifted clothes that are marketed through an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed and color scheme.


This Instagram shop offers a wide range of windbreakers, sweaters, track jackets and track pants plus a couple of cool polos! Oh, and did we mention that they offer free shipping?

P U B L I C 1 Z E (@publicize_ph)

Owned and curated by Instagram user @hyperaktib, this Instagram shop that opened last 2016 offers a huge collection of streetwear that is composed of windbreakers, jackets, and sweaters. The shop also has an awesome marketing strategy of having people model the clothes being sold rather than simply taking a photo.

Vintage Polos and Jackets (@shopbyloiyee)

For the people in the Southern part of the Philippines, they don’t have to worry about paying a lot for shipping because this Davao-based Instagram thrift shop founded by Instagram user @loilunas has got them covered! @shopbyloiyee specializes in polos that are mostly floral or have a tropical design which is definitely perfect for the summer.

Neens (

This QC-based Instagram thrift shop owned by Nina Lamela is a fairly new one since it just dropped its first collection last September 2017. Their latest collection had some sort of Nascar feel to it and it was definitely something that you should not have missed!

PEACCIS (@peaccics)

Owned and ran by student sellers, @peaccics offers not just shirts, sweaters, jackets and windbreakers, but they also offer bags and belts from brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Sport.

BUBBLE STUDIOS (@shop_bubblegum)

Bubble Studios offers many rare and unique items from all over the country. They specialize in jackets, windbreakers, and sweatersbut they also sell shirts, pants, bags, and belts.

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