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The Trends That Dominated Paris Fashion Week

March 12, 20198 min read

Last week, Paris Fashion Week came to a close, marking the end of Autumn/Winter 2019 fashion month. In the past fashion month, we’ve seen so many stunning collections from a variety of different designers. Models strutted down the runway in gorgeous ensembles that were a mix of chic everyday-wear, and eccentric pieces. In Paris, collections from star designers such as Dior and Yves Saint Laurent captivated the audience and set trends that are sure to define autumnal fashion this year. Here are a few trends that took Paris Fashion Week by storm:

Let Loose

The silhouettes the designers presented was one of the most standout elements of their collections. The silhouettes this year are much more wide, and loose, allowing the fabric to elegantly drape over the body. From oversized statement coats that brought shoulder pads to a whole new level, to wide midi skirts allowing maximum comfort, this season is the time to let loose!

Collections from designers such as Hedi Slimane (Celine) showed us how layering these bulky pieces can be ultra-chic. While it can look bulky if assembled carelessly, focusing on mixing fabrics and patterns can create a look that stands out, but still keeps you warm (an essential mix in the winter). Through some key accessorizing, you can also liven up your look and add some personal flair!

Out Of Office

This season saw another resurgence of 80s inspired office and menswear. PFW proved that suits are far from boring or plain. Nina Ricci’s show was an amazing example of classic bulky suits given a major modern upgrade. Some suits were made with eye-catching colours or fabrics and some had stunning silhouettes that were basically walking modern art. These ensembles are classy, chic, eclectic, and empower anyone the moment they step into one.

It’s All In The Details

Looking at PFW was like looking at an explosion of materials and fabrics. Detailing was an essential part of many looks, as designers utilised different materials or embellishments to make simple pieces stand out, or to create something completely unique. In one outfit alone, you could see mesh, lace, and fringe at the same time! Sequins were also popular, with designers such as YSL and Elie Saab using them to create glitzy pieces. Lace and sequins combined created almost baroque-style designs on tops, while fringe was most notably used to glam up shoes! YSL came out with many sexy, yet versatile mesh tops, and Balmain used studs to add some edge to their lovely pastel jackets. Other forms of detailing were incredibly important, with bows and ruffles added to many a dress or skirt for some extra frill. Yohji Yamamoto also used incredibly simple detailing, such as stitches to create a unique edge to his pieces. This PFW, designers did NOT hold back, and it paid off! Through all of this mixing and detailing, a striking fusion of simple pieces and almost-excessive glamour was seen through all the runways.

Back To Basics

One thing I loved in PFW was that amid all the mind-blowing statement pieces, you could still find a lot of items that can be easily incorporated into an everyday wardrobe. One fantastic example is Chanel’s collection. The genius of Karl Lagerfield (may he rest in peace) and Virginie Viard brought us pants, coats and sweaters all out of a Nordic dream. Many of their pieces are fit for everyday wear, however, that does not stop them from being chic and timeless. The houndstooth jumpsuits are a stunning, comfortable outfit that still exudes professional and chic. The dainty cropped Nordic-inspired sweaters are a piece we’re all dying to wear to fend off the winter chill on a busy day. Chanel’s show presented down and tweed coats that stood out, but are still wearable (and are a perfect way to liven up any outfit). Another thing I noticed is that a simpler colour palette was used this year. While some designers strayed from the usual darker tones and gave us gorgeous pastels, many designers stuck with the timeless black and whites, and the most colourful pieces would be jewel-toned.

Layers, layers….and more layers

It’s safe to say that we are no strangers to layering when the temperature drops. It’s a sure-fire way to keep us warm, but it doesn’t make us compromise our style, or hide it beneath a massive coat. Through the ages, we’ve seen beautiful examples of layering, and this week’s PFW was no different. The layering was made even more stylish when combined with the wide silhouettes and office-inspired garments mentioned before. Stacking wide pieces on top of one another made outfits that were breezy, but also mysterious and gave a slick vibe. Another trend I noticed is that many designers would layer their fabrics more on an individual piece, to create depth and detail. For example, I saw in Balmain’s show that satin fabrics were layered in one-pieces so that it wouldn’t seem like one massive swath of fabric. Sashes and bows were added, and some skirts were also defined by the adorable ruffles made in the fabric. Layering is a staple of any Autumn/Winter collection, but seeing how designers bring it to new levels each year never gets old!

PFW was full of striking looks that are sure to give you some major inspiration for the rest of this winter and next winter! These trends that defined PFW is a perfect place to start, as they will add flair and character to all of your looks! Some other collections not mentioned that are worth checking out for some stunning inspiration: Rick Owens, Dries Van Noten, Loewe, Comme des Garçons.

Featured Image Credit To Chanel’s Official Instagram

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