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A Letter To The Boy I Didn’t Fall For

March 22, 20171 min read

His nails are like glass

Moving smoothly against skin

Cut me slowly before class

He says he loves me again

Please forgive me

He will caress my fragile bones

Though my heart is made of stone

But I can’t make it on my own

His arms are now my home

Please forgive me

His body is like a temple

And it shouldn’t go to waste

It feels too much to handle

To see the look upon his face

“I’m gay”

Please forgive me

I feel I’ve done him wrong

It gets darkest before dawn

So I put my facade on

Pretend every girl is gone

Please forgive me

Because my hands are in her hair

And I can’t look in your eyes

I only blush when she stares

I hate living these lies

Please forgive me

We’re getting married now you see

Think how much happier I’d be

If you had just left me

To fall for the girl down the street

Please forgive me



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Cody Dulis

Cody is a LGBTQ+ writer and artist who spends their time writing, drawing, singing until the neighbors complain, and playing instruments. They live in Pennsylvania and they are 15 years old.

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