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This poem is about the need for us to speak up for the injustices we face and to never settle for anything that we might have the power to fix. We should speak out, not only for ourselves, but on behalf of any of those who suffer like we do right now, who suffered like us in the past or who might suffer in the future. This poem was inspired by the Me Too movement, which has inspired and imparted courage to countless women to share their stories so that society might pay attention and change.


Until your lungs burst

and your voice goes hoarse


From the top of mountains

Flying off the wings of eagles


Until your bones shatter

Until your heart bleeds under the screeching need for anyone to hear your immeasurable pain


Until your raw voice bleeds through the cracks of history


Long enough to fill the unwritten pages of your future

So that your descendants won’t have to

Scream for the heart-wrenching injustices of the past

Scream for the infinitesimally small chance that you can shift the unchangeable now

So that your voice and the ear-shattering voices of your brethren join in thundering harmony,

crystallizing into droplets of water that will one day dent the mountain of abuse

Scream for your grandparents

Scream for your grandchildren

Scream for yourself


And never stop.

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