A Pride Playlist

June 7, 20171 min read

It’s Pride Month! So here are some of my favorite songs that either speak about LGBTQ relationships or are written by members of the LGBTQ community.

Boys & Girls

First on the list is Will.I.Am and Pia Mia singing “and the girls want to play with girls and the boys want to play with boys oh boy don’t you love this world”

Girls Like Girls

Haley Kiyoko’s “Girls Like Girls” not only sings about homosexual female relationships, the video also features a girl beating up a guy who assaulted her, what more could you ask for?

Same Love

Of course, it’s basically a classic so we had to include “Same Love” by Mary Lambert and Macklemore

Only a Girl

Who could know a girl better than another girl?

Stay With Me

Last but not least Sam Smith’s soulful ballad to a lover


You can find the whole playlist is here.


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