Djor’s Self-Titled Mixtape

June 6, 20175 min read

Affinity’s Flaming is my aka Jesus Vice’s aka D’Press-Ons aka Darius Wilson’s music segment dedicated to spotlighting and premiering tracks from popping, underground queers across the spectrum.

East Pittsburgh rapper Djor has come through with a self-titled mixtape that’ll get you ready to snatch edges. Djor weaves his rich, confident vocals into bouncy house and trap instrumentals using rapid, tight flows, reminiscent of Missy and Azealia. The vibe of “Djor” is confrontational, bossy and urgent. I recommend playing this mixtape while getting dressed for the turn up or before gathering Miss Thing that tried it. “Djor” starts off with lead single “Pick It Up”, a WildKatz produced callout for anyone who thinks they are in his lane to pick it up, which perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the tape (Listen here).

You can listen to Djor for yourself here: https://triferecords.bandcamp.com/album/djor

I  had the pleasure of interviewing Djor via DMs because it goes down in the DMs (Shameless collab plug here) .


What song do you think would be the best one to introduce your sound to a future fan?

Probably “Hard” featuring Docx (Listen here), I really love that song more than any other I’ve done and it really showcases my skill and humor well.


You and Docx have great chemistry. I think Forda (Listen here) & Soda Pressed (Listen here) are my favorite from Djor.

Thank you. Yeah I don’t know what it is, but Docx (who I should be interviewing soon) is like my wonder twin. We’re like Missy & Timbaland in my mind. When we make music it’s really effortless. I love to hear which songs people like because I try to be diverse enough that everyone can find something they like on the project and it still represent me. Forda is a banger for the clubs & queer culture and Soda Pressed is kind of me being flippant about depression, but in sequence they fit.

Are you involved in your local queer and/or music scene?

Not really, to be honest I don’t like very many people or big crowds unless I’m on stage. I have that Nina Bonina Brown syndrome where I just rather create and build with a few than kiki with the masses. Plus from me traveling so much, even though I’m from Pittsburgh, I never really got to lay roots.


Where have you gone & has traveling influenced your music in any way?

I’ve been to Canada, UK, France, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand so far and yes it has influenced it a lot. The different perspectives and feelings you get in those places can change the music and learning languages helps build what you can do with music too.


I peeped the French verse on 48 (Listen here). What other languages do you speak?

I speak English and French well enough to speak with natives and I speak a little Spanish. I want to learn Arabic but it’s too complex to learn on my own.


Are we getting a video for Pick it Up?

If I can find someone with a decent artistic direction I would do it. I don’t like looking at myself too much so it’d be a new experience to get me out of my comfort zone.


You could pull a Sia. Does Djor the artist have an image or does the music speak for itself?

I should haha. Thanks for the idea. I might just do that. Djor the artist’s image is whatever you perceive it as. I have my own ideas of who I am or what my songs are supposed to convey but that’s not really important for art. Art is what it is to whoever wants it to be that way, it’s not good or bad or persuasive it just “is”.


Follow Djor on twitter @CestDjor for quality tweets and bandcamp @ triferecords.bandcamp.com for dope projects.


If you are a queer musician and you wanna talk to me and premiere a track, hit me up @SusVice on Twitter or at [email protected].

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