Now Reading: A Review of Rising Indie Star UPSAHL’s Latest Single “Wish You’d Make Me Cry”


A Review of Rising Indie Star UPSAHL’s Latest Single “Wish You’d Make Me Cry”

July 26, 20193 min read

UPSAHL is a young and up and coming indie star who has been making music that lands her on countless Spotify playlists and tour with big artists. Her debut EP “Hindsight 20/20” garnered critical acclaim, and she now prepares for her first ever Lalapalooza performance, and to perform with “Young the Giant,” and “Fitz and The Tantrums,” and touring with “Tessa Violet.”

“Wish You’d Make Me Cry” opens with muffled singing and beats, mastered so that it sounds like it’s playing on an old radio. The audio gains clarity when UPSAHL begins singing, “When I’m gettin’ bored I start some drama…” The beat remains heavy and steady before there is a chime and the background lightens. She sings, “But can we pretend to be cruel,” before the beat drops and she sings, “Sometimes I wish you’d make me cry/Sometimes I wish that we could fight.” She picks up the pace and continues to sing about hidden feelings in a relationship.

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The beat returns to the same pulsing consistency as the beginning, perhaps mirroring the stability of the relationship about which UPSAHL sings. She continues to sing about how a lack of arguing feels like a lack of caring and passion into the chorus.

She begins the next verse by singing, “Can We Just Forget That We’re In Love Real Quick?” She sings about wanting them to want her to change, potentially projecting her own insecurities about herself onto them. The pace remains slow and winding this verse, crescendoing until the base picks up and the chorus begins again.

The song concludes with overlaying beats, synth sounds, vocalizations heard in the opening, and chants to “make me cry!” The song finishes with UPSAHL singing, “I wish you’d make me cry.” 

“Wish You’d Make Me Cry” is a fun song about seeking passion in disaster. UPSAHL paints a picture of a comfortable relationship between someone who is complacent and someone who can hardly believe how well things are going. UPSAHL shared, “When I wrote this song with Pete Nappi, I was caught up in that feeling, so I started just venting to him about it. At one point, I think I said something along the lines of ‘I just wish that he would make me cry’. We wrote the song within an hour after that.”  She sings about confusion with comfort through a sound you just can’t help but dance to. “Wish You’d Make Me Cry” is a song of love and longing for loathing.

“Wish You’d Make Me Cry” is now available to listen on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Apple Music!

Featured  image courtesy of  Nadia Ali PR

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