Now Reading: Aaron Beri Premieres New Single “I’m Here” and Encourages Fans to Stay Strong in Difficult Situations


Aaron Beri Premieres New Single “I’m Here” and Encourages Fans to Stay Strong in Difficult Situations

July 18, 20196 min read

Australian-based artist Aaron Beri will release his new single, “I’m Here” on July 19. Living a fairly sedate life until the age of 16, his artistic journey began when he was scouted by a New York model agent through Facebook. 

“I had no idea what I was doing or what would be expected of me, but at 16 who does? It was a whirlwind of adventure that ignited the creative Gemini within me.”

In one year, Beri was able to surpass 100,000 streams on Spotify, garnered 35,000 streams on his single “Naked” and was able to receive 54,000 views on Youtube.

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Beri

Beri was very much a child in an adult’s world within the realm of fashion. He started to write what was initially poetry—his deepest thoughts that expressed his frustrations or experiences that orbited him.

“They certainly saved me from what could’ve been dark situations,” Beri said. “I soon started to put these poems into melodies and that, at its core, was where all of this started from. A snowy rooftop in Manhattan, which in itself sounds fairly-tale-esque.”

At the moment, Beri said that the world is fond of the R&B/pop realm. However, he is aware that we are now stepping more into hip-hop, which is exciting, according to Beri.

“In the not too distant future, I would love to do a huge orchestral piece, like Alan Silversti’s ‘Pandora’s box’. That would be insane. My inner-geek is about to make an appearance, so I’ll stop talking about that…for now.”

Inspired by Alan Silversti, Diane Warren and Tamar Braxton, Beri reveals his secret formula in writing songs.

“Lyrics always come first, then the musicality of the song is built around them.”

According to Beri, the idea of his newest single “I’m Here” emerged in his sub-conscience.

“It was crazy. A couple days later I was in the studio and told my producer that we just had to put this track down.”

The roots of “I’m Here” explores not only self-acceptance, but finding your place in this ever-changing world. Beri wants others to feel “strength, emotion, freedom, and fire” after hearing the single for the first time.

According to Beri, he is always pretty emotional when a song finally comes together. After hearing the final version of “I’m Here,” he wasn’t “bawling his eyes out” (it has happened before), but he did feel a release of some sort.

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Beri

I’m always in a strange trance-like state when writing, to the point where it somewhat consumes me,” Beri stated. “Just writing my story down was so vividly visual that it has definitely made a lot of memories come running back.”

The moments when he felt sentimental reflected on the intensity of the lyrics, and according to Beri, the phrase “I’m here” strongly echoes strength and resilience.

“Our generation is growing up in such a fast-paced, fake and damaged world, perhaps even more so than the generations before us. I’m here as a reminder to stand strong and trust yourself as we navigate through difficult situations, whatever they may be.”

“I’m Here” is composed of deep lyrics, which greatly contrasts the lighter elements of the music accompanied with it. Despite the difference, there are some beautiful synths and piano that perfectly complement the lyrics.

“We wanted to keep the sound current so the drop and dance section is very powerful and fun. It was awesome to subtly build the sections until the final chorus arrives, which is my favourite.”

In five years, Beri sees himself on his fourth album, third fragrance, second world tour, and looking after number one. According to him, the message of “I’m Here” to his fans is to always push through the situation and to not let anyone dampen your soul.

Beri concluded by showing his appreciation for his team and the process of creating music.

“Everyone on your team has to be rooting for you; if they aren’t, cut them loose. Find your own voice. Authenticity doesn’t come from imitating others. And lastly, hold onto that first love you feel when you create a song. It’s all you’ll have left at the end of the process.”


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