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All about Finn Matthews – Passion & Production

December 1, 20195 min read

Finn Matthews is a 19 year old pop creator who first started to gain traction as an artist with the release of his songs, “Julia” and  “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” in 2017. Leaving a small town that he referred to as “a bubble” in New Jersey at just 16 years old, he has been making music in Los Angeles (LA), California by himself for almost three years. 

Finn opted to skip his teen years and instead pursue his passions. Finn doesn’t miss the loss of his youth. He was always driven and knew that music was all he wanted to be doing. Coming from an area not at all involved in the music industry, he explained that breaking away from everyone’s expectations could be daunting, but was ultimately what he wanted in life. Breaking free his small town in Southern New Jersey, he had to work hard and never lose sight of his goals. Laughing, he explained that he first got into the music world at age eight, when he was introduced to singer and songwriter Elijah Blake. Blake really encouraged and fostered Finn’s love of music. At age 15 Finn went out to LA to visit, and Blake helped him produce music and jump-started his career. Not long after, at 16, Finn moved to LA and began professionally releasing music.

Finn Matthews began producing his own music at age 15 and immediately fell in love with it, becoming “addicted.” He explained that he was always more drawn to the production of music, and that he’s been a bit of a “tech nerd.” He shared that writing and producing his songs work in tandem for him. Finn can be sitting in a coffee shop and create a loop for a beat, which then inspires the lyrics. The beat and the lyrics are equally important to him. 

Finn Matthews is young. This kind of youth can be both useful and dejecting in the music industry. Finn explained that being a young artist has lead to be underestimated, but the more he worked, the more he proved himself. He shared that when you push past competitiveness and realize that everyone is trying to get to the same place, there is room for kindness, and growth as a creator. Finn shared that he wants to be making music for the rest of his life, and pointed out that more people from younger generations need to be encouraged to follow their passions and dreams the way he is. Music is indisputable for him, and with complete conviction he said that he would be making it for the rest of his life. His music is currently an R&B blend, but he wants his music to evolve with him. He has files and files of unreleased songs, all going towards an album that he wants to defy genres and expectations.

Finn Matthews is an obviously driven and persistent creative. The passion in his voice when he speaks about music is exceptionally clear. He left home at a young age and sacrificed his teen years without regret, instead bringing a complete focus on his craft and future. He places music above any “distractions,” and never considered  giving up music. It’s evident that Finn is a compassionate person, he uses social media specifically to connect with fans, and is in awe of the fact he has people who have been consistently following him and even took the time to return questions I posed. There is a future for Finn Matthews, and “Sunny Daze” ahead.


Feature image courtesy of Finn Matthew’s team at Black Box.

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