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April 28, 20172 min read

On April 7, 2017, a masterpiece was released to the world.

For those of you who don’t know of Joey Bada$$, look no further than his sophomore album “ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$” to learn his true purpose. Besides being a superb rapper, Joey has given many the opportunity to understood some of the issues that many black people in America constantly go through. “ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$” focuses on these issues as Joey spits his opinions on America’s system of diversity.

On track 12; “AMERIKKKAN IDOL”, Joey slams the government with a monologue. With phrases such as “They’re literally begging for this to happen, so they can kill us off, using, uprising and rebellion as the excuse in a timely fashion” and “America is force feeding you lies down your throat with a silver spoon” it is easy to see that Joey believes the government doesn’t care about black America and what goes on within these communities but will cover up their ignorance as much as possible. Joey lays down the basics of white America’s racism in this track, not holding back one bit.

Track 4; “LAND OF THE FREE” Joey explains the emotions that black people living in America feel. Many are left with their slave names, which can feel belittling which Joey mentions. Black people living in America may feel seperated from the rest of the country and it just isn’t fair but Joey speaks for everyone.

Joey Bada$$ is definitely one of the most woke rap artists in the game right now so if you haven’t given him a listen, go for it! You can find a link to “ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$” here:

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