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An Analysis & Review of Michi’s “Sugarbaby”

August 6, 20203 min read

Michi (Michelle Guerrero) is an Angeleno pop singer, with approval from Refinery29Complex, FADERHypebeast,  Ones To Watch, Best Fit and KUTX. Her voice and style give her a special retro sound. Now teaming up with hit producer Jacob Munk, Michi has joined the ranks of Lorde, Miley Cyrus, Hayley Kiyoko, HUNNY, Bad Suns, Alice Gray and many other stars. Michi’s latest release is her track “Sugarbaby.”

Strumming electric guitar and muffled party noises play in the background at the beginning of the song. Michi’s bright and high voice begins singing, “You’re watching me spend it baby…I give you that sugar baby…” You can hear the smirk in her voice. She knows that the person she cares about is as excited about her as she.

Her voice dipping a little lower, Michi sings about being willing to sacrifice her “last dime,” for someone. The entire song is about blind adoration, and this is made exceptionally clear in the second verse, “But you got it/My pockets empty/But you look so divine.” The vocal range, lyrics, instrumentals and aesthetics are reminiscent of Tennis’ music, particularly their songs “Need Your Love” and “I’m Callin’.” 


The guitar and drums move in a groove that keeps the song swinging. After repeating the chorus with an interlude of a guitar lick, Michi continues the story. She simply wants to make someone happy, so much so that it’s practically intoxicating to her. She sings, “Can’t see straight when you walk in the room…Yeah it’s true can’t do without your loving.”

The whole song feels as though you’re witnessing Michi at a party become totally enthralled by someone, simply at the sight of them. The party noises and dodoo-wop beats create a retro and real feeling that immerses you in Michi’s perspective.

“Sugarbaby” is a teasing yet sentimental way of expressing love and admiration for that special someone. “While the task of creating during quarantine was not easy, the song for me was an escape into a colorful place, and the chance to express adoration of a lover in all their beauty and light,” Michi explained.

Spinning and sparkly, “Sugarbaby” is like roller-skating through a glittering rink.

You can stream “Sugarbaby” everywhere now!

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