Now Reading: An Interview With Cyclist Turned Breakout Star Gavin Haley About His New Hit “Show Me”


An Interview With Cyclist Turned Breakout Star Gavin Haley About His New Hit “Show Me”

July 12, 20194 min read

Gavin Haley is a determined artist from a big family, with big ambition. Haley, an American, was originally a professional cyclist training in Belgium. His career with the national cycling team was cut short when he was so injured that his lung collapsed. While healing, Haley found his passion for music. His music has charted in Australia, the UK and America, scoring him a spot with Red Bull Records. I interviewed Gavin and talked with him about his passion and his upcoming song “Show Me.”

Did your time as a pro-cyclist impact your career/music at all?

Indeed. I think anything you do for a good amount of time carries into whatever you do next. I learned a lot about myself through that sport. I learned how to handle the good, the bad and the curves of life. 

How did growing up with six siblings impact you? 

Everyday was an adventure growing up. There was always something going on. I was born ready for the noise.

Did your time living in Belgium impact your music in any way? If so, how? 

Not my music as much as me just starting to become the artist I was meant to be. I had a lot of down time when I was there and you learn to sit through a lot of emotions and feel so many things for the first time. I came up with a lot of my concepts for songs there. It really opened up my writing side. 

“Show Me” cover art, courtesy of Gavin Haley’s team at Tallulah PR & MGMT

When did you know that making music was what you wanted to do?

18! I raced bikes until then. When I made the decision it was full on from there.

Who were/are your main inspirations (musically or otherwise)? 

Frank Ocean, Ed Sheeran, Post Malone, James Taylor.

What is it like being signed with Red Bull Records?

It feels good having someone support and believe in your vision!

Your first single charted really well right off the bat, do you ever feel any pressure to keep this up?

Not really. I’m made for this. If anything, it’s like the universe saying this is what you’re meant to do. This is about the music and the fans. I wanna spend my time here playing live shows and sharing that energy. It’s a different feeling when it’s shared.

When it comes to your music what sound/genre are you looking to channel/use? 

All the ones that make you feel something. Rap, pop, alternative, hip-hop, rock. I think there are flashes of beauty in most things.

What message are you looking to spread with your music? 

Be yourself always. Love. We are meant to love. Everything & everyone… through music, through words. Finding the beauty that is God in the small things. I want to be a light and I want to give someone the environment to feel things for the first time. I want to feel it all.

You can stream Gavin Haley’s music, including “Show Me,” everywhere.

Feature image courtesy of Gavin Haley’s team at Tallulah PR & MGMT

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