Now Reading: An Interview with Rising Pop Star Elina: Fame, Musical Inspirations and More


An Interview with Rising Pop Star Elina: Fame, Musical Inspirations and More

November 3, 20197 min read

Rising star Elina is setting herself up to be one of the freshest, new voices in the world of pop. The Swedish singer has an incredible voice and sings about everything from love and loss to self-doubt. She already has a proven track record as a songwriter having penned songs for other artists such as “Sexual” by NEIKED and “What Lovers Do” by Maroon 5 & SZA.

She recently released a new song titled ‘Free’ which is a emotive ballad about seeing the beauty in love after the end of a relationship. Talking about the single, the singer said “I had a bittersweet feeling writing ‘Free.’ We tend to live our lives in all places but the present, chasing after everything we don’t have and forgetting what’s right in front of our eyes. The story of the song is about losing yourself in the memories of a love that has ended, wishing you’d seen the beauty of it while it was still yours. Love is never easy or flawless, but you had a true version of it. In the rearview mirror, you’re looking back at it with different eyes knowing that being with this person was the greatest freedom of all.”

However, this is only the beginning for the Swedish native as she is already working on an upcoming second EP so with the singer stepping out into her own spotlight, we decided to have a chat with her about her newfound fame, musical inspirations and more.

Tell us three items you can’t live without when travelling.

I would say headphones, snacks and comfy shoes.

When did you first decide to pursue music?

Music has always been a part of life but I believe it was around fifteen and I began studying music when I realised you can actually make a living writing songs.

Who were your biggest musical inspirations growing up?

I listened a lot to bands! My dad used to play all these glam rock records, like Kiss and Whitesnake. At the same time I loved Britney Spears and N’Sync, ‘No Strings Attached’ was the only thing that existed for a while there. Later on, I’d say that it was John Mayer who sparked the idea of actually starting writing songs myself.

You have written for some pretty big artists, can you tell us a bit about your writing process? Do you have any rituals?

It’s funny because melodies and lyrics to me are two different worlds. Melodies have been quite easy. You don’t always stumble across the best ones in the first hour or so when you write but it’s never been a struggle. But lyrics, it could take forever for me. For some reason, I get very nervous writing lyrics together with other people. I prefer doing it at home by myself and then bring my ideas to the studio the next day. It’s always a compromise of course, and compromising is inevitable to be able to create a healthy environment when you write music together.

Your debut EP In Hindsight was all about learning to let go and wishing you could go back to undo mistakes. Would you say your upcoming EP is a continuation of that theme?

All the songs from the EP were written during a pretty turbulent time, emotionally. I’m an anxious person but I’m in a much better place now. Still, life will always continue to happen of course. There are new things now to reflect on and write about, and I think the themes will always go hand in hand with where I am in life and what I find important to have a conversation about at the time. In Hindsight will definitely shape this new EP in many ways, though. Everything that is self-esteem and mental health-related will always be an important thing for me.

‘Free’ is a song that I think most girls can relate to, was it based off a personal experience?

I hope it can resonate with people! I wrote it with a friend of mine and we were basically talking about the classic “the grass is always greener” syndrome we all seem to struggle with from time to time. The never-ending chase after what we don’t have and how easily we take so much for granted. People, love. I believe you have to constantly remind yourself that love and the sense of belonging will always be of more worth than any material things or success in any form. For me at least!

What’s next for you in terms of your career?

Playing live! I’ve waited for some time now but I’m looking forward to actually meeting the people who are listening to my music, and sharing these songs live to hopefully connect with them on a new level. I’m really nervous but hopefully that passes as you get more comfortable in your role as a live artist. It will also be an opportunity to add a new dimension to the arrangement of the songs, make new interesting versions and so on. I’m excited! Other than that I’ll be continuing to work on the next EP.

Favourite book?

I absolutely love Shutter Island (not the movie though!).

Favourite song?

Right now it’s the Greg Laswell cover of ‘This Woman’s Work’. It’s a stunning version and such an incredible song.

Favourite movie?

Legends of the Fall! It’s corny I know, but I think it’s so beautiful.

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