Now Reading: An Interview with the Decade Old Band “New Politics” about Returning to Music as the “Comeback Kid”


An Interview with the Decade Old Band “New Politics” about Returning to Music as the “Comeback Kid”

June 7, 20197 min read

New Politics is an alternative band that has been making music together for exactly ten years. With the band originally being from Denmark, the influences of music from Copenhagen, classic rock, punk pop, and even rap can easily be heard in their four albums. As David Boyd, Søren Hansen, and Louis Vecchio have matured, so has their music. The band has recently released their latest hit “Comeback Kid,” returning to the music scene with a brighter sound, making their own comeback and I had the opportunity to talk with them about their return to music.

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Do you see this as a new era for your sound and band?

I feel we’re always evolving and love the feeling of creative growth. Comeback kid stays true to the band’s sound but is pushing something new.  The forthcoming album will be a completely new era from our usual approach and sound.


Your earlier work always has political and social messages peppered throughout it, especially in videos such as “Dignity”. Would you say that your upcoming work is similar to such videos and songs?

The new music will have important messages but done in a very personal and metaphorical way so that the listener can relate to it in his/her life.


If your newer music is political, what inspires this? Does the current global political turmoil impact your work at all?

I feel that politics is a hard word to really define as it seems to be a part of everything we do in some odd way. I try not to get involved with politics unless it’s New Politics.


Your music’s sound has become lighter since your earlier days, has anything sparked this shift?Søren has even been using ukuleles – has an interest in “lighter” instruments come from the move to a brighter sound, or has an interest in such instruments propelled you to the lighter sound?

I think being blessed to write every day and calling it our job has just opened the doors to us learning new instruments and growing as writers and producers. Listening to all the amazing & inspiring artists across the board is a big part of us growing, learning and constantly changing sound.   


Has fatherhood impacted your music or career at all, so far, David?

Yes, 110%. Becoming a father has shaken my entire foundation of life.  It’s a beautiful thing and I’m still adjusting…, got another 18 to figure it out and make sense of this all, lol.  All of us continue to evolve and the evolution inspires us in our music.


You came to New York ten years ago this year, has your time in America changed your sound?

Yes, I believe that our experiences and surroundings seep into our ‘subconscious’ and is a big influence with or without knowing it.


Is New York or Copenhagen more home for you, and which location has influenced your sound more?

I feel the core of my influence is and will always be Copenhagen, but any change or add on’s as we go, are inspired by our new experiences. It’s been 10 years, and we’re about to release our 5th album.


You all have been in the music industry for a long time – do you feel like you’ve ever really left? If you feel as though you’ve never left, what inspired “Comeback Kid”?

I feel the music industry is one of the toughest business to be in so to even say we’ve been doing this for 10 years is beyond anything we imagined. But it has been a roller coaster ride. The past three years especially have been hard, from changing the whole team around us to becoming a first-time father all the while the three of us in the band were moving to different states. Honestly, there was a point where we weren’t sure what the future looked like or if it was worth continuing. I feel this song is the center of what we are and have been going through and more importantly, a reminder of how to remain strong and resilient. After ten years we are still learning and growing and trying to figure it out. This song is our anthem and reminder to never give up and keep on keepin’ on.


What’s the next stage of the band’s journey?

We’re still adjusting and figuring it all out as we go, but we’ve got a great new team and out as we go, but we’ve got a great new team and our best album yet!!! I’ve never been more excited and proud of the record we’ve done. This will be an experience that’ll last forever. In the meantime, we’re launching a six city intimate tour, bringing it back to the small venue days, for the fans in honor of our 10th anniversary. See you on the road!


You can listen to New Politics latest “Comeback Kid” on Spotify and all streaming platforms.


Featured Image courtesy of New Politic’s team at Black Box.

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