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Anna Sofia is “No Fun” on her Latest Hit

January 5, 20204 min read

At just 16 years old, Anna Sofia blends teen angst and talent. She works the current teenage adoration of the ’90s and early 2000s into her present emotions. She is practically the pinnacle of modern bedroom pop. In late November of 2019, she released her latest song “No Fun.”

“No Fun” starts with a slightly pulsating and muted synth, with “ooh”’s in the background. The beat slightly drops and a clear snare and keyboard beat is introduced. Anna sings, “I don’t wanna have a good time/Take me home so I can sit around/Don’t need another long night/Just zone out, not a single sound…”

A modified male voice begins in the background, echoing Anna as she sings, “I just wanna go/I just wanna go home/Waste the day away/I won’t pick up my cell phone. I don’t wanna have a good time,” She sings higher on the final lyric before the chorus, “Leave me alone.” The beat fully drops and heavy synth and intensified background instrumentals begin, “I know I can’t be the only one/In love/With doin’ nothing all night long/No fun/That’s the only fun/I know/I know.” 

While the pre-choruses and chorus repeat, the remaining lyrics reveal some of the background to the song, “Yeah, you should’ve seen us last night/Broke a window and a heart or two/Stayed up until the sunrise/Nothing left for me to do…You can call me borin’/Oh, I don’t really care I’ll just keep ignorin’/Leave me alone”

You can tell that Anna Sofia is young – her look, her style, her stories, her sound and her social media all reveal her age (even when it is not stated). This youthfulness works with her music, as she tells honest stories and expresses her raw emotions. There are themes of young exhaustion distinctly present in “No Fun,” specifically. Anna discussed this, sharing, “‘No Fun’ was written after a birthday my friends threw for me. The song started with a cool chord progression I was working on and talking to my producer about the party. During the party, one of my friends accidentally smashed a window and no one would own up to who did it – we had to investigate and didn’t find out until the next morning. The next day, however, my friend’s house was a literal disaster and I had to clean the whole house and had a terrible day aka “No Fun.” The lyric in the song ‘broke a window and a heart or two,’ makes me laugh every time I think back to that night when someone ran up to me and told me about what happened!” 

“No Fun” is about wanting to stay in and avoid the party, even when everyone is pulling you out. It is a young, groovy, fun son. “No Fun” is an anti-party anthem.


You can watch “No Fun” here.


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