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Arrow Season 5 Finale and the End of an Era

May 25, 20173 min read

For five years, fans have waited, sometimes patiently, sometimes impatiently, to the answer of what exactly happened to Oliver the five years he was presumed dead. And tonight, we got are answer.

Year One: Oliver and his gang of other captives on Lian Yu, which included Yao Fei, Shado, and Slade Wilson, tried their darndest to get off the island translated as Purgatory. But alas, failed. The Scooby Gang defeated Edward Fyers, who had done many despicable things in order to cover his own behind in an attempt to destabilize the Chinese economy. Oliver can now hold his own during a fight, kill when others lives are in danger, and occasionally gets lucky with a bow and arrow.

Year Two: Shenanigans ensue on Lian Yu. Dr. Anthony Ivo tries and fails to create a new breed of super human with a serum called Mira Kuru. It turns out Sara is alive. Slade is on the brink of death due to some third degree burns provided graciously by explosives. But he survives when injected with Mira Kuru. Oliver is caught between two of his love interests when Ivo forces him to choose which one to save, Sara or Shado. Ivo chose for him (kind of) and kills Shado. Mira Kuru makes you crazy and strong, Slade loved Shado and vows to take away everyone Oliver cares about. Oliver thinks he killed Slade. Oliver also thinks Sara died, again. Oliver wakes up in China.

Year Three: Because Oliver is presumed dead, Amanda Waller thought it’ll be a good idea to use him as an assasin. He is housed with Tatsu/the future Katana, her husband Maseo, and their son Akio. Together they all try to stop a super virus, but fail as it infects Hong Kong. Akio dies as a result, and Oliver has the chance to go back home but doesn’t fearing the monster he has become.

Year Four: Oliver is vigilanteing when Amanda Waller sends him back to Lian Yu to assess a new threat. Oliver is subjected to magic when a lot of confusing voodoo happens and we start to loose interest in flashbacks.

Year Five: In Russia, Oliver joins the Bratva, and he is a murdering badass now. He pissed off some people when he decided to return home. The best explanation was that he was on Lian Yu, so he returns there to right his fathers wrongs. He’s Pilot Oliver now.

This finale episode was the end of Oliver’s five year story. It also provided the cliff-hanger of all cliff-hangers. Did the Arrow writers decide to kill off the whole supporting cast? Are we going to have another time jump? Is Team Arrow going to have any surviving members? I sure hope so.

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