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Astronomically Fascinating: Introducing Mani Jassal’s Scorpius Collection

November 30, 20196 min read

Ever wondered how Indian ethnic wear could be customized and worn according to your daily lifestyle? Well, you should ask Mani Jassal that. The founder of a brand named after herself, Mani Jassal sure knows how to define the word “fusion” in a fun-tastic, new way. Now, a successful entrepreneur and a bride-to-be, Mani has released a brand new capsule bridal wear collection which reintroduces the Mani Jassal bridal wear collection through her own perspective. Scorpius, being the name of her new collection was named after her own personal zodiac sign and it serves as an ode to her own soon to be bride journey. This exclusive, limited-edition collection comes in 6 amazing gemstone colored and inspired sets; Moon Stone, Rose Quartz, Jade, Amber, Selenite and Ruby. The best part; each skirt comes with 1.5 metres of matching fabric so, it hashes out the hassle of having to choose a matching top for your grand ensemble. You’ll just need to select your own style of top from 7 different silhouettes.

Here’s a review by yours truly on Mani Jassal’s Scorpius Collection.


Moon Stone


Pure white as the gem it’s named after, the Moon Stone set is sure to give angelic feels. Moon Stones represent divinity, balance and tenderness and it has been perfectly portrayed in this set. Ever dreamed of a white wedding but forgoing centuries of tradition and culture seems a tad too unlikely to you? Well, this set’s got you covered.


Rose Quartz


Crafted in a sweet pink hue; the Rose Quartz set, which represents unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion, is a complete dream come true for brides who love pastel colors. One look at it would melt your heart as it’s both chic and cute all at the same time.




Jade, being a symbol of wealth, success and wisdom, is by far, my most favorite set from this collection. The regal look that the pale green brings to the lehenga is a masterpiece that only a designer like Mani could create. It’s a standalone piece that would give a fairy tale like-feel to anyone who’s wearing it.




This set is perfect for a summer wedding as the joy radiating from the lehenga itself could enlighten the surrounding mood by the mere presence of it. Amber, which symbolizes confidence, wisdom and patience, is a perfect fit for women who would like to stand out from the crowd and look the same way as she feels.




This set is a legit cream-colored fantasy. Selenite, which symbolizes cleansing, light and protection is a delight to the eyes of the beholder and especially, to the woman wearing it. The softness of the hue is enough to make her fall in love with it. Pair it with a minimal amount of accessories and you’re good to go!



I’ve saved the best set for the last actually. The Ruby set comes with a red silk parandi created by Mani herself. For those of you who are completely clueless on what a parandi is, it’s one of the most prominent and traditional accessories, braided into the hair, hailing from Punjab and it has garnered worldwide attention these days till women all around the world have started wearing them. In some regions, it is also recognized as a paranda. Ruby, symbolizes passion, joy and courage and this lehenga set is the epitome of it.

Each set comes with an elegant, full-length circle skirt that uses the traditional chikankari technique from Lucknow, done on silk georgette and lined with 100% silk crepe followed by rich badla metalwork. And it even comes with a matching dupatta.

In a nutshell, Mani Jassal’s work never fails to impress me, and her bubbling ideas and creativity have always inspired me to go further in life both as a student and as a writer. For more information on Mani Jassal’s collection, log on to her website and Instagram page.

Featured Image via Mani Jassal’s Instagram 

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