Brianda Flores

  • January 20, 2018By Brianda Flores

    It’s only been three weeks since 2018 started, and even if most people would think the first weeks of January are the weakest in terms of musical releases (some people even call it an “empty house” at music shows), there have been quality songs that have captured people’s attention. Although we’re still waiting for Suzy’s comeback,

  • January 4, 2018By Brianda Flores

    Ever since the feminist movement has gained more and more young supporters, as fans of different artists sometimes we push an erroneous idea of what a powerful woman is like. We imagine that the only way a woman can show her power is by defying norms or acting differently than the others when in reality

  • December 18, 2017By Brianda Flores

    The K-pop phenomenon has surpassed borders for years, thanks to the quality of their artists and their music, and 2017 hasn’t been the exception. This year has been an amazing year in music for K-pop listeners, considering releases of huge artists, such as G-Dragon, Girls Generation, Twice, EXO and BTS, among others. Since the year is about

  • December 5, 2017By Brianda Flores

    (TW: Sexual assault, Rape) On December 4, artist Timothy Heller tweeted about her heartbreaking experience of sexual abuse. Although she initially didn’t want to share the name of the alleged abuser, she later wrote about the importance of accusing Melanie Martinez by name. The CRYBABY singer has long generated controversy thanks to her unconventional album concept, wherein

  • November 27, 2017By Brianda Flores

    Mexico is a country that has a long way to go in many aspects, including the inclusion of the country’s native and black population as it has been mentioned before, talking about race issues, but in reality that’s not the only important matter that should be spoken about. Mexico’s main problem is the conservative, classist

  • November 10, 2017By Brianda Flores

    The history of Mexico’s afro-Mexican population was previously addressed, and we can appreciate how hard it is for them to subsist in a country that only recognized them as recently as 2015 (yes, IN 2015). I’m a big fan of beauty pageants, and I truly think of them as something much deeper than a stereotypical view

  • October 29, 2017By Brianda Flores

    As Halloween approaches, The Day of The Dead gets increasingly closer. With November on the horizon, hand-crafted flowers, paper chains, and the characteristic altar will start to be made. Origins Mexican culture is a mix of indigenous, European, and African traditions. Just like its people, this beautiful celebration originated from a collision between native people’s

  • October 20, 2017By Brianda Flores

    I was never very fond of K-pop, and even though I liked a few female artists, I just didn’t dare to jump into the male category. I don’t know why, maybe I was blinded by the prejudices my country has. But, this summer, after a series of events, I ended up watching the Korean TV

  • October 6, 2017By Brianda Flores

    The Korean music industry is full of radiant talent with many artists succeeding on an international level. Many have made it outside their home country, like legendary group BIGBANG and their charismatic leader G Dragon (who recently toured the U.S.) and boy group BTS (who charted on Billboard’s Hot 100 with their brand new single “DNA”).