Eugene Lee

  • February 6, 2018By Eugene Lee

    I always love watching movies, because I get lost in them. I become the character; I feel sadness, anger, loneliness and love with the protagonist on screen. But what I wanted to write was a short poem about the tingly feeling you get when the movie ends, and you remember who you are — like

  • January 6, 2018By Eugene Lee

    “This is a short poem about divorce. I thought of many ways to express divorce; some of my poems ran for pages. But in the end I thought that it was too hard to express something so ubiquitous yet obsolete–an experience that is so different for everyone– so I kept my thoughts concise. I hope

  • December 18, 2017By Eugene Lee

    “3 parts of 4.5” is a poem about a death of a friend. Losing someone is never easy, but loss at a young age is particularly hard. I was inspired to write this poem when I heard of a girl who visited her hospitalized friend everyday. I could only imagine the constant fear/dread of losing