Alexi Jones

  • October 20, 2019By Alexi Jones

    A good podcast can get you through many things: long car rides, workouts, homework assignments, or lazy mornings. Not to mention, there is a podcast for everyone! No matter what your interests are, there is probably a podcast that covers that topic. Here are five of my favorites that I’d reccomend the next time you

  • August 6, 2019By Alexi Jones

    On July 16th, in the Egyptian Room in Indianapolis Luke Spiller, Adam Slack, Jed Elliott and Gethin Davies had a full house dancing, screaming and overall jamming. The English rock band known as The Struts has been rocking every crowd they see on their Young and Dangerous Tour. They are touring for their most recent

  • July 11, 2019By Alexi Jones

    Twenty One Pilots is a popular band made up of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. They have grown a large fan base, and have released five albums: Trench, Blurryface, Vessel, Regional at Best and Twenty One Pilots. Over the course of their last two albums the duo has been telling a bit of a meta

  • December 21, 2018By Alexi Jones

    Have you ever been so immersed in a book that you find yourself thinking or wishing that it was real? Do you ever get so engrossed that you start imagining characters in real life situations or wishing they were your friends? Have you ever waited and waited for the sequel of a book to come