Baked Goods

September 3, 20171 min read

the air was filled with a fresh baked bread scent, the day felt just a bit too cold for lila’s liking.
she never liked going to the bakery when her mom asked her.
it was always filled with grumpy old ladies and crying restless kids which was the perfect combination to drive her mad.
this afternoon, the visit to the pastry was supposed to be better or at least that’s what she thought when she entered the small shop and saw him.
dark hair, eyes so unique that you couldn’t decide their color (lila was almost sure it was a fusion between blue and gray but sometimes when she sneaked glances at him they looked green) and a shiny silver nose ring decorating the right side of it.
even though he fit into the category of what’s known as trouble, he inspired kindness and calmness to the environment.
this was demonstrated when lila was leaving the shop and ben (something she learned later on) opened the door for the brunette.
dusk time took a wrong turn when he smiled at her and by being incredibly distracted by the beauty he emitted from his shiny and friendly grin, she thumped straight into the glass door.
he just chuckled and asked her if everything was okay and for her, it was, regardless of the bump quickly forming on her forehead.

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Belén Villalobos

nineteen years old from ba. usually overly caffeinated writing short stories about people she sees on trains.