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Tennis Queen Serena Williams Has Finally Given Birth

September 3, 20172 min read

For the longest time, from Serena’s engagement announcement back in 2016 and her pregnancy announcement via Snapchat back in April, fans of Serena have been waiting for this moment. Williams, currently engaged to Alexis Ohanian, officially became a mother to a beautiful baby girl on Friday, September 1, 2017.

For those of you who don’t know, Serena Williams is an international tennis superstar. She has won 2 mixed doubles titles, 23 doubles titles, and 72 singles titles. In fact, Serena Williams even won the Australian Open while pregnant. Such a feat simply proves her fierce determination and perseverance, qualities any mother should have.

Williams first announced her pregnancy through Snapchat, with a post captioned ‘20 weeks.’ Later, her representative confirmed the pregnancy.

Serena Williams' pregnancy snap

Serena Williams announces her pregnancy, Source: Williams’ Snapchat

Even Beyonce has expressed congratulations on the birth of Serena’s first child.

Beyonce congratulates Serena. Source: Beyonce’s Instagram

Alexis Ohanian, the father and future husband, is the co-founder of Reddit. Reddit is an online platform that is currently the fourth most popular site in the United States and values up to $1.8 billion. Between Alex Ohanian’s entrepreneurism and Serena Williams tennis fortune, this new baby will be extremely well off.

Ohanian and Williams met by chance. In fact they met at lunch in Rome, and they only met because they sat down near each other. It was at the same table where Ohanian later proposed.

Now, nearly two years after the couple’s fated meeting, they have welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, who could just possibly become a future techie princess like her dad or tennis royalty like her mom.

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