Beyond the Brand

July 10, 20171 min read

This is a poem about second hand stores. Finding yourself in a sea of mirrors and endless name brands can seem intimidating. But when you look beyond the labels and appreciate something, such as clothing, for it’s individual worth and value, you are fostering an environment of originality and authenticity. And that is a lesson that extends past the thrift store and into interactions with others on a daily basis.


A physical physique and the way that we look

does not deny us

the right to write down

our own happiness in life’s little book.


Happiness can be found in individuality

and fashion can be a source of spirituality.


Distinctive discernment between

clashing reminiscent patterns of the past

and making a statement

can be a bold endeavor

made by the individualistic few.


The ability to create our own

proclamation of inner truth

is something undeniable

to our generation of youth.


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Zaria Whitacre

17. Lover of 80's pop, Indian food, thrift shopping & absurd catch phrases. You can probably find me eating pizza at open mics or riding my moped in downtown EC.