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Why Short Films Need To Be Appreciated More

July 22, 20173 min read

Cinema is a prominent form of art. Most films are works of cinematic art. They’re the work of genius, creativity, imagination, and innovation. Movies invoke emotions, they have stories. They create an entire universe with this story that the audience follows.

In the film industry, there are two types of films you can develop: Feature Films, and Short Films. Constructing either of these depends on the filmmaker and his creative process at the time.

Feature films are the most popular and prevalent form of film in the industry. These are the movies people see at their local theaters. These are the movies people rent on DVD or watch on their movie apps. Feature films are eminent to society.

Feature films tend to follow Freytag’s pyramid of plot development. There’s always an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and a conclusion. Also, feature films always build the character throughout the movie. The character is a crucial part of every feature film. All of these things are possible because feature films have the time for this.

On the other hand, short films are always under appreciated, and not usually because people do not like not short films, but usually because people tend to follow the hype. Feature films have always been what’s in. Short films have a limited amount of time to do what they want with their story. But, that’s what also makes them significant.

How many times have people watched a feature film and focused on the overall tone of the film or got something from it? Most of the time, they really don’t. People usually pick up on things like the renowned actors in the movie, or how the main character did this or that, or what’s gonna happen in the next movie.

Short films depict emotion. The genius storytelling, themes, and messages in these tiny movies are essential to everyday life. Some of these things are real life stories put into a movie.

Also, as a filmmaker, especially beginners, short films help you find your voice. It’s an important part of a filmmakers journey through the industry. This is where most people got their start.

Short films need to be recognized, acknowledged, and appreciated more, not in just Hollywood but everywhere.

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Mohamed Abdullahi

African-American filmmaker, writer, and graphic designer

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