Now Reading: Billie Eilish Sends Fans a Message on Self-Love in Her New Single ‘My Future’


Billie Eilish Sends Fans a Message on Self-Love in Her New Single ‘My Future’

August 1, 20203 min read

Billie Eilish floors fans with her new emotional whirlwind of a single called “My Future”. Although viewers are unsure of what exact emotion she’s portraying, from a slow to almost RnB-style track, the song still has fans interested.

Something that Billie has done differently is the new style of the music video used for the song. It’s an animated short with cartoon-like Billie traveling through a rainy forest, with such attention to detail that the comment section can’t stop raving about. Of course, we can’t expect anything less from Billie, since leaving us surprised and satisfied tends to be her forte.



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I think the most striking detail of the song and the lyrics is the range of emotion portrayed. The beginning of the song is slow and sad, with her animated self sulking in the rain. There’re shots of rain trickling down leaves, as she longingly stares at the moon. Then, about mid-track, the beat kicks in and the song conveys a completely different feeling, compared to the introduction. The mood changes, the video shows scenes with happier shots, and the overall ambiance is cheery. Many are commenting, mentioning the overall indecision of genre.

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The song sticks to the topic of self-love. There’s a line that goes “I’m in love but not with anybody else, just want to get to know myself”, reflecting how Billie wants to center her attention on her own needs in order to gain that love for herself.

Another line says, “I know I’m supposed to be unhappy without someone but aren’t I someone?”, conveying how she wants to learn to love herself the way she’d love another person. This line is also referring to her learning how to be alone with herself, which is especially important in our current world-wide pandemic situation.

Throughout the entire song, she repeats that she’s “in love with her future”, referencing the title. This shows that she’s excited to be alone with herself for a while since it allows her to get to know herself the way she always wanted. She ends the song with “I’ll see you in a couple years”, pinpointing the fact that she isn’t going to focus on anyone else for a long time.

Overall, there isn’t one way to describe this song. It’s an emotional roller coaster, a heartfelt message about the importance of self-love and probably a lot of people’s newly-found favorite song. It portrays the feelings of getting hurt and realizing that we should give ourselves the love and care that we deserve. Billie shows her fans the importance of getting to know our personalities before we try and love someone else’s.

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