Now Reading: “Blindian” Pop Singer Amir Kelly Explores “Eden” on his latest Single


“Blindian” Pop Singer Amir Kelly Explores “Eden” on his latest Single

November 10, 20194 min read

Amir Kelly is a powerful vocalist and visual artist who has been focusing on becoming a pop icon from a young age (you can read more about his background in my interview with him, here). In his latest song “Eden” Amir opens up about life and love.

Amir’s strong R&B influences are evident on this song, as it opens with a swirling synth before the introduction of some steam trap beats. A chorus of him singing “I”is utilized, but Amir then wastes no time before showing off his impressive vocals with a run, singing, “Been too long I think I’m tired of waiting.” Amir continues to sing about conflicted emotions and reactions, as the steady steam tarp and interjecting “I” chorus sustains behind his vocals. 

The verse wraps and the “I” background chorus is briefly replaced with “oh” as the sound of the song briefly changes. As Amir sings the word “promise” the beat shifts, a heavy drum beat is struck, and this sustains before blending into the chorus.  Amir sings, “If I shared my secrets with you, would you stay all night? If I let you in my garden would you take a bite?” This references the biblical roots of this song. In Genesis 2:4-3:24, the Garden of Eden is introduced. It is considered the beginning of both sexuality and shame in the Bible. In the Bible (when using a highly popular but also disputed, and somewhat incorrect Latin translation – mala vs malum) there is a forbidden apple and a forbidden fruit. It represented desire, which is appropriate for this song.

Amir continues to use rapid vocals throughout certain verses of the song. He also opts to include powerful backup and overlaying vocals that highlight the power behind his voice as the track winds down.

“Eden” is deeply personal for Amir. This is clear simply with the impressive emotional reflection in his vocalizing. This is also emphasized in the way his personal story is expressed throughout the piece. He uses a real church organ as well as Indian instruments to represent his “Blindian” roots. This is not surprising considering the theme of this song. His religion, which he shared is very important to him and his childhood, is clear in elements such as the instrumentals as well as the prevalent use of religious language throughout the song. In this song he clearly is attempting to shake the restraints of restrictions set for his masculinity and identity earlier in his life, further tying to the roots of to his past in the piece. Reminiscent of Troye Sivan’s songs “Bloom” and “Seventeen” in theme, “Eden” is a unique and personal song. “Eden” is an exploration of intimacy.

You can stream “Eden” everywhere now!


Feature image via Amir Kelly’s management: Brian Dinh 

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