Now Reading: BROCKHAMPTON Releases ‘SUGAR’ Remix with Ryan Beatty, Dua Lipa and Jon B


BROCKHAMPTON Releases ‘SUGAR’ Remix with Ryan Beatty, Dua Lipa and Jon B

March 10, 20203 min read

The self-proclaimed “best boy band since One Direction,” Brockhampton, has released a remix to “SUGAR,” their hit from their fifth album, GINGER. The collective teamed up with frequent collaborator Ryan Beatty, Dua Lipa and Jon B.

Brockhampton released the original video for “SUGAR” in August 2019, earning over four million views as of the publication of this article. But in the coming months, the group’s song has reached a newer audience through TikTok, and they released a second video for the song in mid-February. The third saga in the “SUGAR” universe is an eclectic remix.

Immediately shifting the aura of the song with an alternate intro, bearface sings in his beloved falsetto, “It’s seven o’clock on the dot, I’m in the drop-top / Your legs on the dashboard, your legs on the dashboard, oh.”

It’s a refreshing change, and bearface’s passionate vocals never get old. Ryan Beatty takes on the chorus following the new intro and the stripped back lead vocals sound like something that would appear on a bonus track for SATURATION 3.

Dua Lipa’s verse was the second twist to the remix, an alternative to the original done by Dom McLennon. The English singer’s voice felt out of place in the mix. During the chorus, it sounded like she was singing over the original as if she was jamming to it on the radio, rather than being apart of the actual song.

Matt Champion’s new verse was oddly short and abrupt, not adding much to the track. The multitude of vocal effects exacerbated this. R&B singer Jon B’s verse felt more aligned with the track’s slow R&B sound. His smooth voice sat well over the re-envisioned instrumental.

JOBA’s candyman outro solidified my disdain for the “SUGAR” remix. As an avid fan of Brockhampton, I look forward to all of their releases. But song remixes are not my cup of tea, and the “SUGAR” remix is a great example as to why. Many remixes do nothing more than the original and are bland, or they are so far out from the original it feels like a completely different song. This remix sits somewhere in the middle, albeit uncomfortably.

With so many new verses and voices on the track, at some moments it sounded like a mega-mix. However, I admire the group for trying out a different sound and modifying the song’s instrumental.

It’s clear that the band wanted to maximize on the “SUGAR” hype–but there are better ways than creating a remix that tries to cover too many grounds.

Featured image via BROCKHAMPTON’s official “SUGAR” visualizer.

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